EXCLUSIVE: There’s a Place For Charlie Hunnam in ‘Pacific Rim 3’

Chris Tilly

We’ve already covered why Charlie Hunnam — who played hero Raleigh Becket in the first Pacific Rim movie — isn’t returning for sequel Pacific Rim Uprising, with another movie seemingly responsible.

However, while speaking to Steven DeKnight — writer-director of the big-budget follow-up — FANDOM discovered that we might not have seen the last of Raleigh.

DeKnight kicked off the conversation by expressing his sadness that a scheduling conflict with Hunnam’s Papillon movie meant that the British actor couldn’t reprise the role in Part Two.

“I love Charlie Hunnam” he explained. “I sat down and talked with him about what we were planning and he was excited about it. I think it broke his heart not to be able to come back now. But a man’s got to follow his passion.”

However, with DeKnight hoping that the second movie makes enough money to get a third off the ground, it sounds like the character of Raleigh Becket is front and centre in his mind.

Idris Elba (l) with Charlie Hunnam in the first Pacific Rim movie.

“We’ve left it open” he revealed. “I have a great idea for how to fold him back into the next instalment if he’s available and if the schedules work. So I’m really hoping he comes back because I would love to see Charlie Hunnam up onscreen opposite John Boyega, Scott Eastwood and Cailee Spaeny.”

As for where the Becket character is while the events of Pacific Rim Uprising are unfolding, DeKnight wouldn’t spill the beans. “I cannot tell you” he explained with a knowing grin. “That’s part of the reveal of what happened to him. But I think it’s pretty cool.”

Pacific Rim Uprising — which finds a fresh set of Jaegers doing battle with a new team of Kaiju — hits screens this Friday (March 23). And you can find out all about those new battle-bots by clicking on the link below…

Chris Tilly
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