5 Things To Know About Prime Video’s ‘Fallout’

David Allegretti
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Friends, enemies, gather ‘round, for it is time to rejoice. The world is about to become a better place. All episodes of Fallout Season 1 are about to drop on Prime Video. The Fallout games are legendary, and by the looks of what we’ve seen so far, the show is set to be a worthy adaptation of a world that has long influenced the world of pop culture, but with a completely original story.

As we prepare for the show’s imminent arrival, let’s dive into some essential nuggets of wisdom regarding the upcoming show, shall we?

The Vibe Feels Right

Judging by the trailer, it looks as though Prime Video has well and truly nailed the assignment. The aesthetic just screams Fallout. Despite Prime Video’s Fallout being a brand new story, it retains what makes the games so special.

And, just an extra moment to appreciate the fashion in Fallout. Every costume and outfit we’ve seen so far, at least in my opinion, is flat-out gorgeous. Seriously there’s not one item that I don’t want to immediately purchase for myself right now.

L.A. (Looks Apocalyptic)

The show is set to explore post-apocalyptic Los Angeles in stunning detail, at least, according to what we’ve seen so far. This won’t be the L.A. you know — this is Fallout‘s City of Angels, overgrown and warped with radiation. Familiar landmarks will be there, but with a few centuries of wasteland wear-and-tear.

Meet the Wasteland’s Newest Residents

Let’s start with the protagonist, Lucy. Our Vault-bred heroine. Naive, yet fierce, she ventures into the wasteland and into the unknown. Honestly, no matter what direction this goes, Ella Purnell feels like the perfect casting.

Then there’s Maximus, a Brotherhood of Steel recruit torn between his militaristic upbringing and his own conscience. A walking moral dilemma, questioning whether the Brotherhood of Steel’s ruthless doctrine is the path to a better future.

And let’s not forget The Ghoul, a survivor lurking in the wasteland who is pragmatic, ruthless and hides a mysterious past. His perspective should provide the rest of the cast (and we, the viewers) with some fascinating glimpses into the pre-apocalyptic world.

A Soundtrack for the End of the World

The soundtrack is set to be a banger. Ramin Djawadi on the score is like icing on a radioactive cake. He’s a master at transforming familiar themes into something haunting and twisted, and his resume sports some of the most iconic shows in recent memory. Expect callbacks to iconic Fallout tunes interwoven with original scores that amplify the stark desperation and unsettling beauty of the wasteland. Hook it to my veins — or ears, whatever.

The Minds Behind the Wasteland

At the helm are Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, who understand how to build intricate, morally complex worlds that look fantastic while slowly unravelling into complicated, intriguing darkness.

The visual effects will be handled by Stuart Dryburgh, who has spent decades working on Academy Award-nominated films, while Teodoro Maniaci will be the series cinematographer — ensuring the series visuals are steeped in realism while also capturing the Fallout magic we know and love.

There you have it folks, some handy bits of knowledge to take with you on your journey. All that’s left is to clear out your calendar on Thursday, April 11.

All episodes of Fallout Season 1 launch exclusively on Prime Video on April 11 — start your 30-day free trial today. T&Cs apply.