5 Things We Want to See in ‘Far Cry 5’

Bob Mackey

It’s official: Far Cry 5 is coming. True, sequels to successful Ubisoft games are pretty much a given these days, but, after hearing this news, it’s hard to avoid dreaming up what kind of open-world mayhem the developer has in store for us next. And, unfortunately, “dreaming” is the key word here, since a logo stands as the only Far Cry 5-related thing Ubisoft has revealed so far. Likely we’ll see the full reveal at this year’s E3. Even so, with the power of our imaginations, we can still decide what we want to see most in this yet-to-be-truly-revealed Far Cry sequel.

An Unexpected Setting

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon definitely helped spice up the series.

Far Cry was born in the jungle, and while a tropical backdrop has served the series well, it’s hard to imagine how a trip back to that setting could still be interesting. At the very least, Far Cry Primal dialed things back to the Bronze Age for the sake of keeping fresh, even if it kept the series stuck firmly in the wilderness. After so many games, the jungle setting feels absolutely vital to Far Cry, but does it really have to be? Dropping the player into a more urban environment—say, a fully-occupied city—could really help mix things up. – Bob Mackey

A New Time Period

A trip to the past made Far Cry Primal stand out.

To be fair, Far Cry jumped to both the future and the past with Primal and Blood Dragon, but the time-traveling doesn’t have to stop there. Far Cry could benefit by borrowing from its sister series, Assassin’s Creed, which tends to pick interesting time periods that then feed into the setting. Think about it: a medieval Far Cry, or a Far Cry that takes place in the Old West? Any time period Ubi chooses would bring along its own rules, weapons, people, and politics to help make this sequel shine. – Bob Mackey

More Drug Trips

Far Cry 3's trippier scenes definitely left an impression.

The last few Far Cry adventures have been highlighted by some pretty fun drug trips. Those moments allow the developers to get wild and crazy with gory imagery, sexual overtones, and just an overall heavy dose of mind-effing visuals. Depending on the place, maybe Far Cry 5 can find an even more intense high for your characters to reach. It’s not illegal if it’s in a video game. – Henry Gilbert

Even More Ridable Animals

Far Cry Primal's animal interactions are the best the series has seen to date.

Far Cry games have great vehicles, but who wants to fly a helicopter when you could ride an elephant or a tiger? The wild animals of Far Cry have been some of the most enjoyable parts of exploration, and Far Cry 5 lets them open up even more options. Maybe a lion? Could we get a giant eagle you could fly on? Or even something more mythical like a sasquatch? They should just go all out with the new beasts. – Henry Gilbert

Better Mini Map

Hopefully we won't spend the majority of the next Far Cry game staring at a mini-map in the corner of the screen,

Ubisoft’s open world games have gotten a bit predictable these days. You know the pattern of finding a high point in the world and then find more objectives, and then explore from there. With recent gems like Breath of the Wild changing the game with inventive new uses for the map, Far Cry 5 could use a similar update to how players explore its map. – Henry Gilbert

Bob Mackey
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