Unsung ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Hero Ravus May Finally Get Justice in ‘Episode Ignis’

Alexa Ray Corriea
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WARNING: This post contains major spoilers for Final Fantasy XV and the film Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.

Episode Ignis, the last piece of story content coming to Final Fantasy XV in 2018, is almost upon us. This DLC episode takes place during the battle against Leviathan in Altissia in the main game’s Chapter 9. And fans have been promised an emotional journey with Ignis Scientia, Prince Noctis’ most trusted advisor and friend — including a look at the tragedy that took his eyesight.

But what Episode Ignis is also promising is more intimate time with Ravus Nox Fleuret, Lady Lunafreya’s brother. Ravus is a secondary villain in the film Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV and a tertiary figure at best in Final Fantasy XV. Your meetings with Ravus during the main game are brief until you fight a corrupted version of him near the end of the game.

final fantasy xv ravus
Always so angry, that Ravus.

But that’s getting ahead of things. Here’s a refresher on the character that will help you understand his motives — and perhaps tug on your emotions — before Episode Ignis.

A Lost Prince

In Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, we learn that his and Luna’s mother was killed during an attack on Tenebrae by the Niflheim army. She sacrificed herself to prevent Imperial General Glauca from killing the teenage Ravus. King Regis of Lucis and eight-year-old son Noctis were in attendance and attempted to rescue Luna. But because Regis was carrying his injured son, it slowed him down, and Luna left his side in order to let him escape.

Ravus begged Regis for help in fighting off the Niflheim army, but Regis ran, choosing to protect his son. Lunafreya and her brother became subjects under Niflheim, and when the country annexed Tenebrae, Ravus gave up his title as prince and joined the army.

Ravus Kingsglaive
Ravus during the peace treaty signing.

Plotting a Downfall

In Kingsglaive, Ravus is present during the ceremony to sign the peace treaty between Niflheim and Lucis, which we later learn is a trap. King Regis is killed by a traitorous Titus Drautos, who is actually General Glauca —  commander of the Kingsglaive but also a mole for Niflheim.

After Regis’ death, Ravus takes from his body the Ring of the Lucii, a mystical ring that allows the bloodline of Lucis to call upon the power of its ancient kings. Ravus puts the ring on, but instead of finding power it, it badly burns his left arm. Lunafreya then escapes with the Ring. When we see him in Final Fantasy XV, he has obtained a prosthetic arm with magitek abilities to replace it.

Ravus Kingsglaive
Be careful what you wish for, right?

Ravus hides Niflheim’s plans and his intentions from his sister, though she begs for him to be more open with her. In Kingsglaive and for most of Final Fantasy XV, we see Ravus being antagonistic towards Noctis and his friends, and he plays an active role in the kingdom of Lucis’ downfall. You would think he doesn’t approve of the impending marriage between Lunafreya and Noctis. But that’s not true.

Complicated Feelings

In flashbacks through Luna’s memories towards the end of Final Fantasy XV, we learn that all Ravus wants is for his sister’s happiness. Early in the game, Ravus is ordered by Emperor Aldercapt to find his little sister and kill her to obtain the Ring. But he openly refuses. He periodically lies to the Emperor and the public about the whereabouts of Noctis and his friends, covering up their appearances and lying about certain events.

When Ravus finally comes face to face with Noctis, he is angry. Lunafreya has already awoken two Astrals, two massive spirit-gods that protect the world of Eos, and Noctis has bartered with them to use their power. With each Astral Lunafreya that awakens, her strength is sapped, and she comes closer to death. Ravus is upset that Noctis doesn’t realize this, and it’s here we learn Ravus’ true motives for joining Niflheim against Noctis. He just wants his sister to live.

Ravus Final Fantasy XV
Ravus has good intentions -- mostly.

The two siblings briefly reunite in Tenebrae, and Ravus implores his sister to not throw away her life for Noctis to gain power. He doesn’t think he can save the world. But Luna says she knows the mission will cost her her life, and it’s her choice to do so. Then in Altissia, just days before the battle against Leviathan, he comforts his sister, acknowledging the path she chose and supporting her how he can.

A Sad End

Episode Ignis fills in the gap in story between this conversation with Lunafreya and the end result of the battle with Leviathan. How Ravus and Ignis team up and what they accomplish, we’ll see.

After Lunafreya’s death in the fight against Leviathan, the Niflheim Empire pins the blame for the ensuing catastrophe — the destruction of Altissia — on Ravus. He goes on the run and is eventually killed by Ardyn in the game’s final dungeon. The magic in his prosthetic arm revives him, however, and he is one of the final bosses Noctis and his friends must face.

Episode Ignis
Ravus and Ignis team up.

For players invested in the story of Final Fantasy XV, it will likely be difficult to watch poor Ravus in action knowing what his final fate it. At his core, he’s simply a loving brother who just wants his sister to be happy — the rest of the world be damned. Perhaps Episode Ignis will give us what we’ve been hoping for: Ravus’ redemption, a sign that he truly backs Noctis and supports his sister’s choices.

Through Kingsglaive and Final Fantasy XV, we piece together this sorrowful picture. And we’ll get the final piece of the emotional puzzle when Episode Ignis drops on December 13.

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