‘Fortnite Mobile’ Tips to Make You Dance Emote on 99 Enemy Graves

Adam Mathew
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Games Fortnite

Before we gather our materials and build your Fortnite Mobile know-how up to the sky, you ought to be aware that this small-screen version packs the same punch as its older brethren. All of the basic stratagems and pitfalls you’re aware of on PC and console — like camping in bushes, or dying like a noob to fall damage –­ translate just as well here.

That said, we have a handful of important mobile-centric tips that have made our lives a heck of a lot easier (and the deaths of our enemies all the more frequent).

Firing from a rooftop on a builder in Fortnite Mobile

Defy Default Settings

Have it your way and mess with the camera setting sensitivities to find what works best for you. Tinker with the lot: the standard camera controlled by finger large swipes, the one that’s more sensitive for when you’re ADS-ing (aiming down sights), and the one that’s super-duper sensitive for scope aiming.

Personally, we keep our standard camera between 30-40. ADS should be 70-80. Scoped is 80-90. Start there, tweak as you go.

You should also switch from auto-loot to “Tap To Interact”. Hoovering up loot sounds awesome, however that sort of rampant kleptomania will leave you swearing at your mobile device when you’re forced to stop and ditch all of your dreg guns. The only downside to tapping: if there’s a game of musical chairs between you and enemy who still has it enabled, they’re probably going to nab that gun first.

Fortnite Mobile players are fired on while descending from the sky

Speaking of acquiring things, go and grab yourself some sweet cans (headphones that is). With the volume turned up (and if you know how to read the mobile-specific visual cues of player sounds) your situational awareness on the battlefield will double.

Nearby footsteps will appear as a white arc on the screen and will signify both your foe’s approximate location and the “distance” of their footfalls. In the same vein, gunfire shows up as a red arc.

Double Tap Screens, Llamas

Why repeatedly stab at your screen to do things? Many players overlook the fact that double tapping on the lower left “movement circle” will send you into an auto-run state. Likewise, double tapping your actual gun may be used as an alternate means to reload it.

You can also double tap anywhere on the screen to constantly attack with your current weapon. That’s not a great plan for scoped weapons, but it sure is useful for close-quarters with a submachine gun. Or to make yourself continuously mine materials with your trusty pickaxe.

Fortnite Mobile tip. Not every bush is a player.

You’d be well-advised to clonk that pick on the local wildlife, too. Surprisingly, a lot of new players flocking to Fortnite Mobile haven’t cottoned on to this tip. Don’t ask us why, but llamas in Fortnite are full to the wool with very respectable loot. They’re randomised though — you might get lucky in one game and in the next llamas will be harder to find than Emperor Kuzco on the lam.

Fortnite Mobile Has Its Quirks

Here’s a problem that’s fairly unique to Fortnite Mobile players: shoehorning Fortnite down into smaller devices has introduced some draw distance issues. It’s not game-breaking at present, but every once in a while you may find yourself freaking out and unloading on a bush that’s just winked into being. (This is an understandable reaction in a game that allows people dress up like shrubbery.)

What we’d recommend is to not go around with a hair-trigger. Nine times out of ten what you’re about to light up won’t be a player who’s trying to be the online gaming equivalent of a shrubber. It’ll just be a defenceless plant and you’ll needlessly give away your position.

One last tip before we leave you to fend for yourself: even if you religiously abstain from pistols and scoped rifles in the other versions, we ask that you reconsider you step out of your comfort zone in this version.

Firing a rocket launcher onto a player on the street.

Never forget that this version of the game has drastically increased aim-assists on these particular weapons, which means that even the most cross-eyed among you can reap the benefits of high-damage output delivered at an extreme range.

Fortnite Mobile is in a constant state of flux due to hot-fixes and new builds aplenty. There’s also the big game-changer coming that is Bluetooth controller support. Be sure to check back with us as we update this guide accordingly!

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