‘Game of Thrones’ Obituary: The Deaths from Season 8’s ‘The Last of the Starks’

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Missandei of Naath, the highly trusted interpreter and advisor to Queen Daenerys Targaryen, has died. After a treacherous ambush by Euron Greyjoy’s fleet off the coast of Dragonstone, Missandei was captured and taken to King’s Landing as a hostage. When negotiations for Cersei Lannister’s surrender broke down, Missandei was beheaded by the monstrosity known as The Mountain. Her final words were one of defiance: “Dracarys.”

Not many details are known about Missandei’s youth. Growing up on an island in the Summer Sea off the coast of Sothoryos, Missandei was captured in a slaver raid in her youth. Sold into bondage in Astapor, Missandei would eventually find work as a translator for Krhaznys mo Nakloz. She spoke nineteen languages, including High Valyrian, which is how she came to the attention of Queen Daenerys. When the Targaryen queen freed Missandei from bondage, the latter would choose to follow her friend anywhere. Even across the Narrow Sea to Westeros.

Missandei’s skills would prove invaluable in helping Daenerys communicate with her Unsullied warriors. It would be during this time that Missandei would meet the love of her life, Grey Worm. The two would bond over their pasts as well as their world views, becoming one of the most stable and loving couples in Queen Daenerys’ retinue.

During Daenerys’ absence from Meereen, Missandei was among the small council that kept the city running. She provided invaluable counsel about the socio-political climate of the region, without which the situation in Meereen would have become even more unstable. Her steady wisdom and calm demeanor will be well missed.

Missandei leaves behind her paramour, Grey Worm. Missandei and Grey Worm had plans to return to the islands of the Summer Sea in the aftermath of the war. Grey Worm hopes to fulfill their plans in honor of her memory.


Rhaegal, one of two remaining living dragons in the Known World, had died. Shot down by Euron Greyjoy in the bay surrounding Dragonstone, Rhaegal was pierced with multiple projectiles before falling to his death in the turbulent sea.

Birthed during the funeral pyre of Queen Daenerys Targaryen’s first husband, Khal Drogo, Rhaegal was named for Prince Rhaegar Targaryen – the late prince was the elder brother of Daenerys, who was brought low in battle with King Robert Baratheon. A beautiful green color accented by bronze, Rhaegal grew up traveling the lands of Essos. Kidnapped in Qarth, then chained beneath Meereen, Rhaegal did not enjoy the rarified life of his brother Drogon. Yet the green dragon fought bravely for Daenerys in battles against the undead, both beyond the Wall and at Winterfell.

Rhaegal is preceded into death by his brother Viserion. He leaves behind his mother, his brother, and his recently chosen dragon rider, Jon Snow. Rhaegal’s lasting legacy will be living proof that Jon Snow indeed has Targaryen blood running through his veins.

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