‘Godzilla’ Director Opens Up About His MonsterVerse Involvement

Kim Taylor-Foster
Movies Star Wars
Movies Star Wars

Following his departure last year from Godzilla: King of the Monsters – due out in 2019 – we asked Rogue One director Gareth Edwards, who also directed the 2014 version of Godzilla, whether he might rejoin the MonsterVerse franchise further down the road.

“They have another really talented director doing Godzilla 2 so I’m very happy to be in the audience and experience it like a fan,” he said. “And Legendary who made that film – I had the best experience with them. They are phenomenal to work with, and especially Thomas Tull.”

It was reported that Thomas Tull left his post as chairman and CEO of Legendary Pictures earlier this year following a takeover.

Edwards said, “He backed me when I had just done this tiny little film [Monsters] and put his money where his mouth was and gave me this amazing opportunity. I wouldn’t have got to do Star Wars without them so I have nothing but love for those guys and I’m just looking forward to what they do.”

Godzilla 2014
Just wait until this guy takes on Kong

Krampus helmer Michael Dougherty steps into the directing chair for Godzilla 2. Kong: Skull Island, meanwhile – the second film in the fledgling franchise –   has impressed critics and audiences. It has reignited enthusiasm for the series, which currently has two Godzilla sequels in the pipeline – the aforementioned Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Godzilla Vs Kong, which will see the two giant cinematic beasts facing off.

But did Edwards know about the MonsterVerse plans when he first took on the project? Edwards says he did, but it seems that with the Star Wars opportunity presenting itself, that’s what ultimately stood in his way when it came to staying involved.

“They mentioned that [the MonsterVerse] was the long-term potential goal – to bring this together with King Kong if they could, and everything else,” he revealed. “So, I knew that was potentially the goal but we had to try and make a success out of Godzilla first before we could really think about that and so it was just something that was mentioned now and again. But we never designed the film around that idea.”

That said, there are clear elements of Edwards’ Godzilla that have been woven into Kong – the Monarch organisation straddles both, for one thing.

So, what’s next then for Edwards? “I’m trying to have a holiday and then I’m going to write the next thing,” he said.

Oh? He’s spoken about going back to smaller more personal projects but he won’t tell us more: “I get superstitious that it jinxes it and I won’t get to do it if I tell anyone.”

Whatever it is, on the basis of Edwards small but perfectly formed back catalogue, we can all certainly start getting excited.

Kim Taylor-Foster
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