‘Halo’ Season 2 Promises to Recapture Your Passion

James Valentine
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Faster than a UNSC ship travelling through slipspace, The Paramount+ Original, Halo, is heading back on our screens for its second season! Inspired by the much-beloved gaming franchise, Halo’s first season reintroduced us to the iconic soldier of the 26th century, Petty Officer John-117 AKA The Master Chief and his team of Spartan super soldiers. Together, they wage war against the powerful alien armada known as the Covenant.

The first season ended with plenty of plot threads left to follow, such as the reveal of a Halo ring location and the AI Cortana taking over Master Chief’s body. So what will Season 2 have in store for us? The producers have been vocal about how they intend to impress fans of the Halo games in Season Two, so don your Spartan Mjolnir power armour as we slipstream jump into Halo’s second Season and look at how the show is going to reignite Halo fans’ passion.

Fans can watch all of Season 1 and the first two episodes of Season 2 right now, streaming exclusively on Paramount+

James Valentine