Happy Birthday, ‘Tremors’!

Drew Dietsch

The monster movie classic Tremors turns twenty-six today, and we here at Wikia feel like that’s something worth celebratin’. For those poor souls who haven’t had the pleasure of visiting the town of Perfection, Tremors is the story of an isolated desert town that finds itself under siege by ravenous subterranean worms (later given the comical name “graboids”). It’s a tried and true horror movie setup, but what Tremors brings to the table is tons of charm, innovation, and old-fashioned fun. Anchored by a leading turn from Kevin Bacon as roustabout Valentine McKee, the entire cast (including the screen debut of singer Reba McEntire) provides the kind of humor and heart that is sometimes lacking in a lot of horror films.

In a way, Tremors is the ultimate fan franchise. The series produced four direct-to-video sequels (one that released just a few months ago) and a television show on Syfy that was basically a sequel to the third film. That show even featured a delightful turn from Doc Brown himself, Christopher Lloyd. The Tremors franchise has never strived for mainstream success (beyond the first film) and has been perfectly happy catering to the audience that loves and appreciates it the most.


That makes the recent news about a new Tremors TV series all the more exciting. Little is known at this juncture, but the most thrilling aspect is that Kevin Bacon will both produce and star in this new series. For fans of Tremors, this is the best possible news. Bacon has never returned to the character, so getting to see him as Valentine will be an enormous treat. Hopefully, it will turn a whole new generation onto the unabashed fun that is Tremors.

So, on the film’s anniversary, you should stay on top of some residual boulders and give the movie a watch. It’s a great family film that happens to have giant monsters eating people in it. What more can you ask for?

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