The Secret Origins of Hellboy and How the New Movie Connects to the Comics

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There’s a brand new Hellboy movie heading to theaters April 12. It’s a fresh take on the mythology originally created by Mike Mignola for Dark Horse Comics back in 1993. David Harbour (yes, Chief Hopper from Stranger Things!) is playing Hellboy in the new movie directed by Neill Marshall, best known for the cult horror hit The Descent and the director of some of the best episodes of Game of Thrones and Westworld. The film is poised to carve its own place in the Hellboy canon by adapting some of the fan favorite moments from the comics. But don’t take our word for it; Let’s take a closer look…



The movie’s adapting elements are drawn from stories in Hellboy’s impressive back catalog: Darkness Calls, The Wild Hunt and The Storm and The Fury. And these are the perfect stories to show audiences a new version of a character they already know and love. Interestingly, it’ll also dive into Hellboy’s origins that first appeared in the Seed of Destruction storyline. In the first issue, Hellboy was brought into our world in a blazing fire by a handful of Nazi cultists and a Russian psychic, Rasputin, as they tried to bring about the apocalypse. That’s one hell of a birthday party…

But the new film follows Hellboy’s adventures in England as he tries to stop Nimue the Blood Queen from raising a demonic army and destroying the world…Just standard superhero duties really. Nimue is played by none other than Milla Jovovich and we can’t wait to see her face off against David Harbour’s Big Red.

In The Wild Hunt comics arc, Hellboy joins a group of modern knights on horseback to hunt a gang of literal giants. It’s during his fight with the giants that Hellboy discovers some startling revelations about his own lineage that could prove to be one of his greatest weapons in beating the Blood Queen…



Following his battle with the gang of giants, Hellboy regroups with Alice Monaghan. Played by Sasha Lane, Alice might have her own emerging set of mystical abilities that could be useful in fighting Nimue.

Considering Hellboy is always up against mythical monsters and legendary legions of demons, he needs plenty of weapons to give him the upper hand. He does have the Right Hand of Doom after all! But he may need the extra firepower, and we don’t just mean his insanely huge pistol. Luckily for Hellboy, The Wild Hunt introduces some of the Excalibur mythology – and if he can wield the legendary sword against the Blood Queen, he could have a chance at saving the world.



By cleverly weaving in elements from The Wild Hunt as well as The Storm and The Fury, fans new and old are treated to a fresh story with a lot of exciting new moments that haven’t been seen before. Expect to see more of the Excalibur mythology as Hellboy and Alice travel through England to raise some hell.

The film is also picking up some characters that aren’t as prevalent in The Wild Hunt though, like Ben Daimio, played by Daniel Dae-Kim. There’s even a Nazi-hunting pulp-comic book hero in Hellboy’s life called Lobster Johnson, and he’ll be played by Thomas Haden Church. This movie really does have everything. So get ready to see one hell of a superhero!

Hellboy is in theaters everywhere and in IMAX, April 12th.

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