‘Hellboy’ Is Getting the Perfect Reboot

Drew Dietsch
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Hellboy is one of the best comic characters of all time. We talked to Guillermo del Toro about a possible third film in his series, but it turned out that was not meant to be. So, I assumed that reboot was in the works. Well, today we’ve got news of just that. But, what really drives this home is who will be involved.

Hellboy creator Mike Mignola confirmed that the new Hellboy film will be R-rated and directed by Neil Marshall. Marshall is one of the best directors working today. His Game of Thrones episodes are some of the best in the series and his films Dog Soldiers and The Descent are cult classics. This alone is a reason to be insanely excited.

It Gets Better

david harbour stranger things hellboy

But, there is a cherry on top of this sundae. The actor who will be slipping into the Right Hand of Doom? David Harbour, who has gained recent praise for his role as Hopper on Stranger Things. It was going to be hard to follow Ron Perlman’s performance, but this is pretty much the only casting that would make sense. Harbour has the right “blue collar tough guy” attitude that is a cornerstone of Hellboy’s character.

This is the best news possible. Guillermo del Toro’s duology is a whole bunch of fun but they definitely had to hold back in order to maintain a PG-13 rating. Mignola’s comics go to some pretty dark and twisted places and an R-rating will allow the horror elements to shine even brighter. It’ll also mean we’ll probably get to see some even gnarlier monsters. Huzzah!

There isn’t a timeline on this yet. Here’s hoping it makes its way to the big screen sooner rather than later. Having Hellboy back in theaters with such a perfect team on board is a dream come true. This needs to be here NOW.

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