‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ Receives Extended Gameplay Video


Horizon: Zero Dawn has gotten plenty of attention over the past couple of weeks, with new trailers and details emerging before E3. The game received more gameplay footage during Sony’s press conference that showcases more of the third-person shooter’s gameplay mechanics and systems.

Once Aloy sets forth into the valley, we see her use an ability called Focus Scan. Scanning enemies reveals their vulnerable areas that can help Aloy dispatch them quickly. Once enemies are defeated, Aloy can scavenge their components to craft items. In the footage, we see her craft some Explosive Traps.


The new gameplay gave us a glimpse of some more weapons at Aloy’s disposal. So far, we’ve mostly seen Aloy use her traditional bow to fight. This time around, we saw a slingshot and heavy crossbow in action. The scanning system will most likely highlight weapon weaknesses for particular enemies. Players will most likely need to alter their attack strategy and weapons to successfully bring down the more vicious creatures.

After killing a corrupted beast, Aloy comes across another villager who warns her of a “demon” nearby. This segment revealed a dialogue tree system to advance the story. Shortly after this segment, we get a brief glimpse of the major world map, giving us an idea of how big the open world will be.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 11.24.42 PM

Aloy also has the ability to override particular types of creatures to use them as mounts. She finds an area where Broadheads gather and tames one using a staff to override its circuitry. She rides the creature to an area where corrupted beasts have overrun a village. She comes across a Corruptor and focus scans it. The enemy is weak to fire, and she uses some explosive traps, tethers, and fire arrows to kill it.


The defeated Corruptor only brings her more questions, and the trailer slowly fades out from there.

Horizon: Zero Dawn will be released on Feb.17, 2016.

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