5 Horror Game Sequels Long Overdue

Justin Carreiro
Games Horror
Games Horror

Just like a thrilling film series, popular video games take time to develop before the next installment reaches our screens. In the case of horror gaming, we’re eagerly waiting to find out what terrifying encounters our favorite characters get into next. A creepy asylum, a lurking killer, and a misguided group of adults exploring at night? Sign us up!

Not every horror game or series continues with a timely sequel though. Sometimes those long-awaited and rumored next installments never come out, and we’re left waiting years for answers. The list of unreleased sequels is growing, and it haunts us. So, here are five horror games that are seriously long overdue for a new sequel.

Silent Hill

Heather Mason yelling at Claudia in Silent Hill 3
The perfect response for being trapped in the town of Silent Hill.

The Silent Hill series is made up of eight main games and a few spin-offs during its successful history. In fact, the foggy town overrun with monsters has become a mainstay in horror gaming culture. However, a new game hasn’t been released since the P.T. demo. Kojima Productions’ Silent Hills would’ve been the next addition, but nothing has come out since its cancellation in 2015.

Fans are still heartbroken over the loss of Silent Hills. There’s a hunger for a return to true survival and psychological horror. The previous project may be dead, but this is a series that can reinvent itself and learn from its past positive reaction. Silent Hill cannot stay in the grave forever.

Clock Tower

Alyssa Hamilton running away from Sledgehammer man in Clock Tower 3.
Run! Never look back!

Another one of horror gaming’s early inspirations, the Clock Tower series focuses heavily on hiding and escaping against a nearly invincible enemy with large scissors. Gamers take on the role of a weaponless non-fighter, usually a teenage Final Girl, as they search for a way to survive. This style of non-combat is something you’d see today in the Outlast series.

Spiritual successors like Remothered, Haunting Ground, and NightCry keep the spirit alive by capturing Clock Tower’s high tension and surreal tone. But a sequel, or even a reboot, would be great to reinvigorate the series by featuring a new story with next-generation graphics. Just imagine running away from the psychotic Scissorman as he chases you through the infamous mansion in glorious HD. Those are the things of nightmares!

Alan Wake

Alan Wake using his gun and flashlight to investigate the scene.
If you're afraid of the dark, keep your flashlight handy.

Remedy Entertainment’s 2010 game Alan Wake mixes small-town mystery with an episodic format. (You know, before it became cool.) The game itself isn’t solely horror as it focuses on being a psychological and action thriller. On the other hand, Alan Wake does utilize a lot of horror elements, like scary enemies, limited supplies, and surviving in the darkness to drive its tone and plot. So, for horror fans, the game is welcomed with open arms.

A new Alan Wake game could fit right at home in today’s gaming culture. There are more adventures to tell involving the complex writer, and with its episodic format, new chapters can be released to keep the excitement of the story going. Rumors are still circulating that a new sequel could be coming soon, but the future is uncertain. This is a sequel that needs to see the light of day.


The dark streets of Metro City in Condemned 2: Bloodshot.
City streets or abandoned buildings? Both look really scary.

Condemned’s three-part series is an underrated gem that showcases horror in a refreshing and eerily creepy style. The enemies are ruthless, the atmosphere is unnerving and gritty, and its controls are pretty balanced for horror standards. Though, the real standout is its investigative elements. Gamers get to perform CSI-level abilities to collect evidence and solve cases to track down the killer(s).

While Condemned 2: Bloodshot doesn’t have the same terrifying punch as the original, a new sequel could capture the magic again. Focusing on a well-developed plot, improving the design, and enhancing the investigation tools would update the game for a new generation. The core elements of Condemned fit perfectly into any horror mystery that could be told. Plus, the multiplayer mode can be forgotten — this series should stay as a single-player story-based experience.

Deadly Premonition

Francis York Morgan discovering the red seeds evidence in Deadly Premonition.
Detective Morgan has this case in the bag!

Deadly Premonition is an unconventional horror game. Even with outdated graphics and clunky mechanics, its off-beat tone, quirky characters, and the surprisingly deep plot make this a beloved cult classic. If you love the surreal feeling of Twin Peaks, you’ll love Deadly Premonition. Plus, it’s a creepy game! (Seriously, the music alone in the shadow world will leave you feeling uneasy.)

The real horror is keeping this game to a one-and-done adventure. A sequel needs to come out to continue Francis York Morgan’s journey with a new mystery — whether small town or not. Like other entries on the list, there are rumors of a sequel in the works, but nothing is set in stone. York needs to get back on the case and solve this mystery for the fans.

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