‘Incredibles 2’ Has a Superhero Named Reflux and We Are Gagging Over Him

Lawrence Yee
Movies Disney
Movies Disney

SPOILER ALERT: Warning, this article contains minor spoilers about the Incredibles 2 supporting characters. Proceed at your own risk.

The Incredibles aren’t the only supers (super-powered humans) in the upcoming Pixar sequel that bears their name.

Incredibles 2 introduces a slew of new costumed characters. Supers are illegal and forced to remain hidden, but a new public relations campaign may win back the public’s favor — as well as lawmakers. A group of new supers debut in the film. A few of them have more traditional superpowers, but one stands out. We profile the new supers below.


Incredibles 2 Reflux

This costumed character is a sight gag, literally.

Reflux is an older hero who bears more than a passing resemblance to Herman Moleman from The Simpsons. He’s not very fit; in fact, he has quite a belly. That’s part of his power, though.

Reflux has digestive issues that allow him to upchuck the acidic contents of his bloated stomach. The acid appears like molten lava, melting everything in its path.

Fun fact, Reflux was originally named GERD, an acronym for gastroesophageal reflux disease.


Incredibles 2 Voyd

Voyd is the only new female super and arguably the most powerful.

Voiced by Sophia Bush, she can create rifts in space or even solid matter that can teleport herself, others, or objects (similar to Blink from The Gifted and X-Men: Days of Future Past). She’s a big fan of Elastigirl and dreams of following in her idol’s footsteps.

Despite her shyness, Voyd has solid control over her abilities. She can create “voids” from a distance, and pop in and out of multiple “voids” quickly, making her a strong hand-to-hand combatant.


Like Reflux, Screech appears to be an older super. His costume resembles an owl. He is able to fly quite nimbly, and emits a sonic scream that can shatter objects and eardrums.

Just like an owl, he can rotate his neck 360 degrees.

The Rest

incredibles 2
Elasti-girl (center) meets the new supers (from left to right): Krushauer, He-Lectrix, Reflux, Brick and Screech.

The rest of the supers have fairly traditional powers. There’s Brick, who looks a bit like Disney’s Hercules and has his same superstrength. Krushauer and He-Lectrix — who seem to be European — round out the team.

Krush — identified by the giant K on his chest — rivals Brick in size. He uses telekinesis to crush objects. He-Lectrix — his slim teammate — can generate powerful bolts of electricity.

Who is your favorite new super?

Disney Pixar’s Incredibles 2 opens in theaters June 13.

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