‘IT Chapter Two’ – Characters Then and Now

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Everyone’s favourite murderous dancing clown is back, but Pennywise has been biding his time before his bloody return – 27 years in fact. The Losers Club might have grown up and left Derry, but they’ll have to come back and face their fears for the last time if there’s even a chance of beating Pennywise. They’ve seemingly forgotten their horrifying summer being hunted by the monster, and things are only going to get worse for them as adults. Before we dive into the skin-crawling horror that is IT Chapter Two, let’s take a look at how the characters have changed in near three decades.

Bill Denbrough

After the death of his brother, Georgie, Bill quickly took on the guilt of it being all his fault. But his tragic backstory is the perfect motivation for his future career as a writer adapting his own books for film. Surely a successful career and a brilliant wife would help the pain of losing your brother to a supernatural murderous clown? No? Fair enough.

Beverly Marsh

After her traumatic childhood living with her abusive Father, Bev left Derry to make a better life for herself. She winds up working as a popular fashion designer; looks like someone made it out okay! Or not. She finds herself constantly trapped in abusive relationships. Hopefully, she gets her happy ending with her childhood sweetheart Bill… Or should that be Ben? They did share that unbreakable love for New Kids on the Block after all…

Richie Tozer

It looks like Richie’s bold(ish) personality and foul language has somehow landed him on the path to fame in Los Angeles as a professional comedian… Talk about a glow-up! And although he’s still terrified of clowns, that’s not going to stop him sticking to the Loser’s Club promise to come back and kill Pennywise once and for all. And yes, he’s still wearing huge glasses – it’s clearly his brand.

Ben Hanscom

More like Ben Handsome, right? When we last saw Ben, he was constantly bullied and tortured for being overweight and a little bit nerdy, while also pining for Beverly. But once he grew up and left Derry, he lost a lot of weight and forged a great career in architecture. When he comes back to the ill-fated town, will he and Beverly find a happy ending? Or will Pennywise get the better of them all?…

Mike Hanlon

Only one member of the Loser’s Club actually stayed in Derry, and it didn’t have the best effect on him. The horrific death of Mike Hanlon’s family, combined with the terrifying nature of IT, has left him unable to leave the town – constantly haunted by the things he’s witnessed. When he realises that IT has resurfaced 27 years later, he assembles the Loser’s Club to kill Pennywise once and for all. Let’s hope he’s not forgotten how to use that bolt-gun…

Eddie Kaspbrak

As a boy, Eddie was a complete hypochondriac thanks to his equally paranoid and overbearing Mother. While he moved out and got away from her and the placebos in their medicine cabinet (“They’re gazebos!”), he ended up marrying a woman who weirdly acts and looks like Eddie’s Mother. There’s definitely some unresolved issues behind that one. He’s now a senior risk analyst, so at least he’s not shut-in all the time like his Mother was. Let’s see how well he can analyse the risks back in Derry!

Stan Uris

After nearly having his face bitten off by Pennywise in the sewers as a child, it’s pretty understandable why Stan wanted to move away. Although, his traumatic memories might resurface when he gets the call-to-arms from Mike that IT has returned…


After being stabbed in the throat and realising that the Loser’s Club was no longer scared of him, Pennywise disintegrated 27 years ago in the sewers below Derry… But he’s spent that time festering and corrupting the town once again, waiting to return. Now he’s back to create more terror than ever, and his intimidatingly haunting look remains as chilling as ever. He hasn’t changed a bit.

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