‘IT’ Cast and Crew Answers: What Would Pennywise Turn Into for You?

Drew Dietsch

FANDOM got to talk to the filmmakers and cast of IT at the film’s red (or rather black) carpet premiere. It was an extravagant affair that brought out all of Hollywood.

We got to ask the people behind this massive horror epic: what would Pennywise turn into if he was chasing you? We got some incredibly varied (and sometimes hilarious) responses. Check out the video above for some of our best answers.

A Face from the Past

Composer Benjamin Wallfisch didn’t hesitate with his answer. “Probably my first piano teacher,” he said with a smile. “A very lovely lady, I’m sure, but when you’re four years old, she was terrifying.” He recalled how his teacher would make him play the piano while holding two tennis balls in each hand in order to get his positioning correctly. The idea of Pennywise chasing someone while holding some tennis balls is as hilarious as it is bizarre.

Animals, Animals, Animals

Quite a few of the responses we got involved animals. Finn Wolfhard (Richie Tozier) said that Pennywise would turn into, “a giant sewer rat,” while Jack Dylan Grazer (Eddie Kaspbrak) said he’d be chased by, “a pigeon. A dirty pigeon.”

And they weren’t alone. Owen Teague (Patrick Hockstetter) felt that Pennywise would chase him down in the form of a swarm of hornets. Seems like there are plenty of creepy crawly creatures that give the people behind IT the heebie-jeebies.

Listen to some of the other hilarious and sometimes horrifying responses in the video. And what would Pennywise turn into if he happened to be chasing you? Let us know your greatest fear by heading to @getfandom!

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