Jeff Bridges Wants to Bring Back The Dude in a Sequel To ‘The Big Lebowski’

Kim Taylor-Foster

During the press tour for Kingsman: The Golden Circle, FANDOM asked Jeff Bridges which role from his past he’d want to revisit. His answer will get Big Lebowski fans everywhere salivating.

“There’s a couple [of films] that come to mind that were set up for sequels,” he begins. “The Dude, he’s impregnated Maude, you know? Coming back to the team that you had so much fun with, that’s the deal.”

Bridges stars alongside Colin Firth in the Kingsman sequel, playing the head of Statesman, the US equivalent to the titular UK spy agency for which Firth’s character Harry works. Bridges plays Champ, a whiskey-swilling Kentuckian who teams up with his UK counterparts to battle common enemy, Poppy — played by Julianne Moore. Moore also played Maude in The Big Lebowski and it’s working with her again alongside the rest of the team, including writer-directors the Coen brothers, that has Bridges interested in Lebowski 2.

He continues, “The main thing is the team. You have such fond memories and you see the results of guys like the Coen brothers. But I wouldn’t want to do a sequel to Lebowski without the brothers, you know?”

Bridges references another character from his past he’d be keen to return to. John Carpenter take note.

Starman,” he says. “Again, giving Karen Allen the silver balls, and my son; [I] impregnated her. It’s kind of set up [for a sequel].”

Joel and Ethan Coen. John Carpenter. Are you listening?

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is out in the UK from September 20 and in the US from September 22.

Kim Taylor-Foster
Kim Taylor-Foster is Entertainment Editor for Fandom in the UK. She was raised on an unsteady diet of video nasties and violent action flicks.