How ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Changes Trish Walker’s Origin Story

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During Season 1 of Jessica Jones, Trish Walker was Jessica’s best friend. Trish was a famous celebrity who left the notoriety of childhood fame behind her to pursue radio talk news. Having been best friends, nay, sisters for most of their lives, Jessica and Trish made quite the pair. In Season 2 of Jessica Jones, Trish attempted to settle down and get married. That plan went off the rails when she discovered the true source of Jessica’s powers. The quest for these powers sent Trish on her own path to becoming a superhero — a path that almost killed her.

Let’s take a look at how Trish’s origin story on the show differs from the comic books.

Trish Walker: Superhero Fangirl

Trish Walker

In the comics, Patricia Walker was the daughter of a comic book writer. She grew up loving and worshiping superheroes like Reed Richards and even became her own comic book character, thanks to her dad. Her comic book, as well as her modeling career, gave her notoriety at a young age. When she was old enough, she asked X-Men’s Beast to help her become a superhero. Her athleticism and work ethic helped her gain a spot on the Avengers. Since she didn’t have a superhero identity of her own, she borrowed that of The Cat, Greer Nelson’s superhero name before she became Tigra. Hence, Hellcat was born.

Patsy didn’t have powers until she met Moondragon, an alien woman from Thanos’ home planet/moon Titan. Moondragon enhanced Patsy’s psionic abilities, which gave her telekinesis. She also had super strength and super agility. When she returned from Titan she left the Avengers and joined the Defenders. This might explain why Netflix included her on Jessica Jones and not in the Marvel films.

IGH & Trish’s Quest for Powers

Trish Walker

During Jessica Jones Season 1, Trish helped Jessica get away from Kilgrave. This put her in the crosshairs of Will Simpson AKA Nuke. Nuke was sent to kill Trish, which he almost did until Kilgrave’s mind-control wore off of him. Through Nuke, Trish learned that Jessica was experimented on by a group called IGH. Trish made it her goal to discover IGH and uncover their methods.

In Season 2 she did just that. She and Jessica discovered that a Dr. Malus saved Jessica’s life by giving her powers after the car accident. When Trish discovered this, she went from wanting to get justice for Jessica, to wanting Malus to replicate the process so that she could get powers too. Malus performed the procedure on Trish and by the end of the season, she was exhibiting signs of powers, mainly quick reflexes.

While this is an entirely new origin story for Trish, it syncs up with her superhero obsession in the comics. For the purpose of the show, Trish didn’t worship superheroes like Iron Man or Captain America, she just wanted to be like her sister Jessica. This grounds her motivations a bit more and makes her desire for powers very believable.

Jessica Jones Season 2 is currently streaming on Netflix worldwide.

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