Keanu Reeves Wants to Go to Jerusalem in ‘John Wick 3’

Kim Taylor-Foster

John Wick: Chapter 2 hits UK cinemas this week following a successful US release on February 10. We had a chat with Keanu Reeves who plays the titular ex-hitman to talk about the potential for John Wick 3. Reeves shared his hopes for a second sequel – where the action might lead, what the story might explore and why the dog still hasn’t got a name… Oh, and we also asked him about why John Wick crops up in Payday 2.

Think it’s about time to issue a SPOILER WARNING.

It seems that from the very start, there were plans – or at least hopes – to expand John Wick into a franchise. The end of Chapter 2 sets up Chapter 3 to pick up immediately where it leaves off. But is that how things will go down?

Reeves says, “From John Wick, the first film, to Chapter 2, we all got together and thought about what could happen, and that would be what would happen in 3. I’m with you – I want to know what happens. Chapter 2 takes place five days after the first one, I think we open up right away and … we just cut right into it.”

Chapter 2 expands the geography of John Wick, taking the action to Rome. But what international locations could we see Wick head to in the next film? “I want to go to Jerusalem in 3,” says Reeves. “I think he has to keep going more and more into that ancient world to see the ties. We introduced this idea of the High Table, which is this kind of table or meeting place of all the criminal tribes. You know – the hierarchy. And I think John Wick is starting to … he’s getting a little anti-establishment. So I’d like to see that world.”

John Wick dog
John Wick with his rescue dog

In the film, John Wick comes up against fellow hitman Cassian played by Common. He ends up in a bit of a predicament – which leaves us asking whether Common might be back in another instalment.

“I think so,” says Keanu. “I mean, I hope so. I mean, he only has a knife in his aorta. He’s in a bit of a pickle, isn’t he? But he’s a professional. He’ll work it out.”

And what about the dog that we saw John Wick rescue at the end of the first film? Fans of the dog will be pleased to hear this one makes it through the movie alive – unlike puppy Daisy that sparked Wick’s revenge attack in the original film. So will the dog be back for Chapter 3, and crucially, will it get a name? Perhaps. Find out what Keanu Reeves says about the cuddly pit bull in the video above.

John Wick: Chapter 2 is out now in the US and opens in the UK on February 17.

Kim Taylor-Foster
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