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Lauren Gallaway
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SyFy’s bold, new DC Comics adaptation Krypton debuted this week and introduced fans to Superman’s family, his legacy, and his home planet. The show established the series’ main character, Superman’s grandfather Seg (Cameron Cuffe), as well as a slew of other characters, including members of the Zod family and the Voice of Kypton’s God, Rao. The show also introduced a human character from Superman’s future — Adam Strange.

Who is this mysterious stranger who somehow traveled through both time and space? Let’s jump into his comic book origins and how he could have an even larger role to play on Krypton.

Who is Adam Strange?

Adam Strange Brave and the Bold Design

Adam Strange was introduced in Outsiders #6 in 1986. As a human archeologist, he had no interest in traveling the stars, until an alien race called the Rannians beamed Adam to their home planet of Rann. While on this planet, Adam fell in love with a Rannian woman and joined the Rann army. He fought alongside the Rann people as a human superhero until he was transferred back to Earth.

He was able to beam to Rann via a Zeta-Beam. Over the years the Rann people would beam Adam to their planet when they were in danger, specifically to fight the Thanagarians — Hawkman and Hawkgirl’s people. Adam Strange’s origin story was based on that of John Carter — remember the Disney movie? He is known for carrying both a jet-pack and a ray gun.

Friend of Superman?

Krypton Adam Strange

During the pilot for Kypton, Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos) appeared in the Fortress of Solitude. He tells Seg that Seg’s grandson, Kal-El, is a legend on Earth and that he is in danger. He also warns Seg that the world-killer, Brainiac, is coming to destroy Krypton, and that Brainiac is also responsible for the Earth’s imminent destruction.

As the show progresses, Adam will mention the Zeta-Beam as his method of travel. Will he explain how he time traveled? In the comics, the Zeta-Beam allowed for travel through space, but not necessarily travel through time. Krypton‘s Executive Producer David Goyer (Man of Steel) also confirmed that the Thanagarians will be featured on Krypton. In the comics, Adam fought the Thanagarians alongside the people of Rann. Will Krypton be a substitute for this comic book storyline?

Adam Strange’s inclusion on the show is an interesting choice, especially because if he and Seg succeed in stopping Brainiac, Krypton’s future could be re-written. If Krypton is never destroyed, then would Superman’s parents ever send him to Earth? Perhaps Adam didn’t think his quest all the way through…

Krypton airs Wednesdays on SyFy at 10PM.

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