Watch Scarlett Johansson in These Live-Action ‘Ghost In The Shell’ Teasers

Zuleika Boekhoudt

Paramount Pictures has just released the first glimpses — or better yet, glitches — of the live-action adaptation of the cyberpunk anime Ghost in the Shell. Take a look at the supercut we put together of all 5 videos, and then we’ll break down each teaser to get a clearer image on what’s happening here with Major (Scarlett Johansson) and the rest of Public Security Section 9.

1. Geisha in a Hallway

We see a Geisha slowly walking down a hallway. While many viewers may not give this not much thought, it’s actually a great hint on the direction of the movie. In Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex we meet Section 9 who is called in to resolve a hostage situation at a geisha house staffed by android geisha. Thus, the complex story arc of the Laughing Man case begins.

2. Unplug

Scarlett Johansson disconnects a wire from the back of her neck. Having a prosthetic body, it allows Kusanagi to plug her mind to the internet and hack suspects. In many instances the Major does her own investigation on the suspect without the knowledge of her chief.

3. The Major and a Bald Woman

In this teaser, the Major strokes the face of a bald woman, and her telling the Major “What are you?” While the identity of this mysterious woman is unknown to us, it seems that she’s not familiar with cyborgs. On top of that, we see Scarlett Johansson caressing this woman’s face, but in a more examining manner. In all, something peeks the Major’s interest. A possible explanation might be that the movie will introduce bioroids (an android built with human body parts). At the end of 2nd GIG, it’s revealed that a member of Section 9’s Tachikoma maintenance technician Proto is a bioroid prototype (hence the name).

4. Daisuke Aramaki Shoots Something or Someone

The teaser holds much more than just Aramaki shooting at something or someone. The members of Section 9 are issued with standard-issue Seburo M5; however, team member opts to carry his own gun the archaic Mateba Autorevolver, which is similar to the one used in the teaser. So how did Aramaki get Togusa’s gun and why did he dump the shells on the street we would have to wait.

5. This Is Just The Beginning

Scarlett Johansson walks into a room where bald men are wired up without someone saying “this is just the beginning.” Either these people willingly joined this circle or are forced to.

While Paramount has not revealed many details about the Ghost in the Shell live-action adaptation, it did give us some ideas on where it’s going. The teasers show that the movie will have many elements of Stand Alone Complex and 2nd Gig. But, they do not tell if it will flop or not.

We’ll get more glimpses of Ghost in the Shell as the March 31, 2017 release date approaches.

Zuleika Boekhoudt
Zuleika is a fan contributor at Fandom and focuses on Anime. Her anime specialties are horror, gore, and mystery anime. Loves series, movies, and games that have to do with bloodthirsty but equally intelligent psychos.
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