7 Questions Raised by the Loki Season 2 Finale

Blair Marnell
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Warning: Full SPOILERS follow for the Loki Season 2 finale!

The second season finale of Loki did the one thing that many of its MCU show brethren did not: It felt like it had real closure for the vast majority of the characters, including Tom Hiddleston’s Loki. It may have even been the final episode of the series.

However, we have questions that still need answers, since not everything is tied up by the end. But it can’t be said that this finale didn’t attempt to exit the stage on a high point.

Will Miss Minutes try
to kill everyone again?

Probably. Even with OB reconfiguring Miss Minutes’ persona into something less murderous, our previous experience watching her suggests that she will go lethal again. Think back to the pure joy on Miss Minutes’ face when those TVA judges were crushed to death in episode 4. No one programmed her for that kind of evil. It was something that she found within herself.

What’s next for the TVA?

Judging by the dialogue late in the episode, the TVA will be acting against the Kang variants. And so far, they may have successfully kept their existence a secret. Should that change in the future, the TVA may prove to be a battleground once again.

There are rumors that the TVA will play a role in Deadpool 3, since Deadpool 2 ended with Wade Wilson screwing up the history of Fox’s X-Men universe with Cable’s time travel device. The return of the TVA in the next Deadpool movie is unconfirmed at this time. But we only have to wait until next summer to find out. Thanks to recent post-strike schedule changes, it’s now the only MCU movie coming to theaters in 2024.

Will Renslayer survive the Void?

It sure doesn’t look good for Ravonna Renslayer. The woman who pruned so many variants was finally pruned herself and banished to the Void at the end of time. Presumably the thing that was freaking Renslayer out at the end was Alioth, the devourer of everything lost in the Void, though it certainly could be something (or someone) else.

Regardless, don’t count Renslayer out just yet. There’s an old rule in comics: If there’s no body, they’re not dead. And sometimes, characters aren’t even dead when there is a body! The point is, we don’t see Renslayer perish, which has to have been a specific choice by the show’s creative team. Renslayer seems likely to return again at some point.

What happened to Victor Timely?

After the epilogue begins, the only glimpse we see of Victor Timely is when he was a young child. And it seems like the past may have been changed to prevent young Victor from getting his hands on the TVA handbook. But that doesn’t explain what happened to the Victor helping the TVA, who was by far the most redeemable incarnation of Kang that we’ve met to date.

Victor’s life in the past also raises more questions about Kang’s true nature. How can a duplicate of the same man live in the 19th century when his counterpart from Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania had futuristic technology and a completely different life? If he was truly a variant of the same man, wouldn’t his younger self exist within the same relative period of time or can variants be that, well, varied to such a dramatic extent? Or did the 19th century Victor actually begin his life in the far future but is unaware of it? Victor’s entire existence raises questions that the show doesn’t really try to answer.

Will Sylvie explore
the primary MCU?

As things stand at the end of this episode, there’s no Loki currently active in the sacred timeline. Perhaps that’s a role that could be filled by his counterpart, Sylvie. She noticeably avoided armoring up in her Loki gear this season, and Sylvie had a little bit too much appreciation for the menu of McDonald’s in the early ‘80s.

Sylvie doesn’t seem to be driven by the “glorious purpose” like some other Lokis. But we don’t know what she wants now. More tellingly, even Sylvie doesn’t seem to know where she’ll turn up next.

Can Mobius find a life
outside of the TVA?

After resisting the urge to look up the details of his counterpart’s life, Mobius finally did it solo in the finale. So he saw himself as Don, the jet ski salesman with two kids. But that’s not Mobius’ life, and he seemed to be stopping himself from approaching the family (and we can only imagine Don and the kids’ baffled reaction if he had).

Despite what some fans predicted, Mobius never got to take that jet ski ride that he wanted so badly, at least onscreen. Instead, Mobius’ conclusion feels very bittersweet as he simply wants to spend some time watching the life some other version of himself gets to enjoy.

Will Loki ever return?

Marvel didn’t call this episode a series finale ahead of time, but it certainly felt very final for Loki. After spending centuries trying to save his friends at the TVA, Loki shed his skin, so to speak, and evolved from the God of Mischief to become the God of Stories. By magic and through sheer force of will, Loki bound the various timelines to himself, and formed a new World Tree before taking his ultimate throne at the end of time.

That was Loki’s redemption. He’s finally completed the long arc of his life, so why would he ever give that up? With the multiverse, it seems likely we’ll see some variant of Loki played by Tom Hiddleston again. But this version of Loki? It really seems like his story is done. Now, instead of trying to steal his brother’s throne, Loki gets to protect the narrative of an entire universe. We suspect that Thor would be very proud of his adoptive brother, if he ever found out what became of him.

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