Luc Besson Wrote Ruby Rhod For Prince, But Here’s Why Chris Tucker Nailed The Character

Sharon Kehoe

After releasing a new trailer for Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets on the world, director Luc Besson took to Reddit for an AMA and dropped some serious knowledge on us. Best known for directing the sci-fi cult classic The Fifth Element, Besson admitted this 1997 film could’ve looked a whole lot different. Besides the fact Bruce Willis wasn’t his first choice as Korden Dallas, it turns out Ruby Rhod was originally written for Prince.

It’s not hard to imagine Prince in Ruby Rhod’s over-the-top wardrobe, but that flamboyant attitude? No one can touch Chris Tucker’s supergreen performance. It’s become iconic, and Halloween and Comic Cons are so much better for it.

So let’s celebrate Chris Tucker’s perfect Ruby Rhod performance by reflecting on the life lessons the character taught us just by being his batsh-t crazy self.

How to make a proper entrance.

How to tell someone to STFU.

How to pass someone in the hall.

How to ask a waiter for more water.

How to sing Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long”.

Sharon Kehoe