Work It Like John Wick – FANDOM Guide to (Not) Impress

Fin Carew
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As genuine, real, and honest relationship and romance experts (shush we are) we’ve been producing a series of videos to show you young people how to talk to that crush you like. In this video, we show you how John Wick is a great role model in the dating game! I mean, what could go wrong?

In our previous video, our hero decided that the best way to talk to a girl is to assume the character of  Thanos, whose capacity to wipe out 50% of all his romantic competition makes things a little unfair. Fear not for he stumbles just like the rest of us. Less of a stumble, really, and more of a spectacular tumble off the edge of Cliff Mortified.

Check out this FANDOM/Lynx production for a guide on how to talk to that special someone, and keep an eye out for more, equally expert guides in the future!

Fin Carew
Frequently confuse my origin story with that of Mowgli from Jungle Book. Into video games, movies, and TV shows; and has limited knowledge of proper semi-colon use. Once featured in a Top 50s list called 'Love Men Sex' but don't ask.