Work It Like Mario – FANDOM Guide To (Not) Impress

Fin Carew
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You know how it is, right? You’ve been eagerly trying to get the attention of a girl or guy you like, only to fluff it up because it’s just too damn scary. Take this guy in the video – he’s been wanting to talk to this girl for ages, but never plucked up the courage. To address this situation, Fandom and Lynx have joined forces to give you the ultimate guide for talking to your crush. The basic plan? If you’re not confident in yourself, perhaps you should try being someone else? Someone popular and confident, like Super Mario! Hey, nobody said it was a good plan.

OK, sure, it didn’t work – but sometimes failure is just a hiccup on the path to success. As you can see, when he worked out that he just needed to chill and be himself, things went a lot smoother.

Check out this FANDOM/Lynx production for a guide on how to talk to that special someone and, if you thought it couldn’t get more humiliating to impersonate video game characters, then clearly you haven’t seen our Fortnite guy give it a try!

Fin Carew
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