Malin Akerman Confirms She Won’t be in HBO’s ‘Watchmen’ TV Show

Tom Regan

While it’s definitely got its haters, 2009’s Watchmen is an undeniable high point when it comes to the more adult-leaning superhero movies. It’s a film which managed to both capture the dark brilliance of Alan Moore’s original graphic novel and effortlessly introduce viewers to a cast of brand new superheroes. Now, after almost ten years without DC’s adult anti-heroes gracing our screens, HBO is hard at work on a Watchmen TV show.

At the moment, details are still being kept tightly under wraps. Keen to find out more, we approached Watchmen actress Malin Akerman at this year’s gaming BAFTAs to see if we could uncover more information about the hotly anticipated HBO TV show.

“I’ve not been approached about the TV show. but I’ve heard of it. I think it’s brilliant because Watchmen is so dense and interwoven with so many different stories.. Watchmen would be better as a TV show. Because you can really explore the arcs of all the characters. I’m excited to see it.”

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With Akerman also starring in recent city-smashing video game adaptation, Rampage, we asked her how it feels to have carved herself a nerdy niche.

“I love it. Rampage is a big popcorn film, pure entertainment and it was so much fun to play the villain. Watchmen had a little more depth as far as the character development and stuff like that. There were differences but both wer big scale films, lots of green screen and the visual effects were incredible. It’s fun to see [ it all come together with] the audience members.

The currently untitled Watchmen TV show will be helmed by TV veteran Damon Lindelof, who co-created Lost and The Leftovers. It has also emerged that the show’s pilot is being directed by Nicole Kassell, who counts Kevin Bacon’s The Woodsman and episodes of Better Call Saul among her directing credits.

Tom Regan
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