‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’: Who is Mister Negative and the Evil Mastermind?

Lawrence Yee
Games Marvel
Games Marvel

Most fans are familiar with Spider-Man’s rogue gallery. There’s Venom, Sandman, Doctor Octopus… the list goes on. Many have been featured as antagonists in various feature films and video games. PlayStation’s upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man includes a villain that some may not know: Mister Negative. And it appears that an even bigger baddie may be the one pulling all the strings.

The Foes We Know

The E3 trailer showed off some familiar evil faces.

Marvel's Spider-Man Electro

The first foe Spider-Man encounters is Electro. This version is unmasked and crackling with electricity. Not only can he channel and control it, but he uses electricity to produce movement — in this case fling shipping containers at our hero.

Marvel's Spider-Man Rhino

The Rhino is next. Like Electro, he has a technologically enhanced suit — not that old-school costume he’s usually associated with. Naturally, his abilities are superhuman strength and durability.

Marvel's Spider-Man Scorpion

Then, there’s the Scorpion, whose suit includes a barbed tail capable of stunning foes. Unfortunately, our hero is on receiving end of Scorpion’s sting in the new footage.

Marvel's Spider-Man Vulture

The Vulture was Spider-Man’s most recent big-screen foe, and this version has the same ability to fly and swoop down on his victims.

The New Face

Marvel's Spider-Man Mister Negative

Rounding out the group is Mister Negative. In the comics, the black and white bad guy is a Chinese gang leader. He experiments with synthetic drugs and gains powers related to the Darkforce and Lightforce (ala Cloak and Dagger). Tapping into these gives him a myriad of powers, including the ability to project energy bolts (as seen in the footage) as well as heal or harm with his touch.

The Sinister Sixth?

Spider-Man fans know that his foes often come in packs of six, and there seems to be a mastermind behind these other villains. We have two guesses.


The first is the Green Goblin. Norman Osborn is a wealthy industrialist, leader of the Sinister Six, and iconic Spider-Man foe. The other villains (save for Mister Negative) appear to be wearing technologically advanced suits which may be provided by Oscorp. The Goblin in the game may also be Norman’s son Harry, driven mad by revenge. Spider-Man seems to have some familiarity with the character, so it may be his former friend Harry.

Amazing spider-man 2_kingpin

There is also a chance that the mastermind could be Kingpin, another well-established enemy in the Spider-Man universe. Kingpin is a crimelord with incredible wealth at his disposal. He may use that wealth to fund the research and design of the other villains’ suits.

Fans will find out when Marvel’s Spider-Man hits shelves on September 7, 2018.

Lawrence Yee
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