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Brett Bates
Assassin's Creed
Assassin's Creed

Assassin’s Creed Origins takes players back to the formal beginnings of the Assassin Brotherhood. The protagonist in this journey is Bayek, the last of the Medjay, an ancient Egyptian military. While he and his brethren formerly protected places deemed valuable by the pharaohs such as tombs and cities, he has relegated himself to serving as a protector for his community.

With him is his loyal hawk, Senu. She shares a symbiotic relationship with him, so strong that Bayek can see through her eyes when needed. Historically this makes him the first ever to perform such a feat, and one of only two assassins able to do so.

By his side is the love of his life, Aya. Together since their youth, she follows him to Siwa and later becomes an agent for Cleopatra. His training and her connections plant the seeds for the Brotherhood to form. For those familiar with history, Cleopatra suffers an ignoble fate, and it remains to be seen what fate may befall Aya.

Danger and uncertainty are no strangers to Bayek, for his own father disappeared when he was a teen. Whether he fell to the same hand that was hunting the last of the Medjay and their lineage is currently unknown, but it propelled Bayek into the hunt for his identity and purpose, uprooting him from Siwa. This led him to the banks of the Nile and through an Egypt rife with strife.

Learn the results of that journey, experience Bayek’s continued struggle, and watch the foundation of the Assassin Brotherhood as it is formed when Assassin’s Creed Origins comes out for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 27.

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Brett Bates
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