Michael Rooker Proves That He’s Fan Royalty

Drew Dietsch
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Michael Rooker is a jack of all trades. Many fans came to know him thanks to his role as Merle Dixon in The Walking Dead. He became even more popular when he took on the role of Yondu Udonta in Guardians of the Galaxy and its sequel. But, the actor has been working in the industry for over 30 years.

Rooker was in full force at a panel in his honor at New York Comic-Con. The actor stepped out on stage and started the show discussing the nature of time and the meaning of life. Pure Rooker gold.

Fun, Crazy, and an Absolute Blast

“You don’t know you’ve f—-d up… oops!” Rooker got a big laugh from that slip-up but recovered pretty quickly after a fan shouted at him to say his beloved line from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2. Rooker turned the tables on the fan and did something pretty magical.

Yes, Rooker reenacted the Mary Poppins moment that has become a fan-favorite moment in the Marvel universe. Just in case you haven’t seen it, here it is:

And here’s a few wonderful little moments where Rooker interacted with some other Guardians of the Galaxy fans.

As a final treat, Rooker led the audience in a giant recitation of, “I’m Mary Poppins, y’all!”

Why People Love The Walking Dead

When asked why he thinks The Walking Dead is so popular, Michael Rooker responded with a typically silly answer. “I don’t know. It’s blood and guts and eating. When I read it, I was into it but I thought middle America is NOT gonna have any of this.” But if the reaction of the crowd was any indication, it looks like The Walking Dead is definitely sticking around.

Who Is Michael Rooker’s Favorite Superhero?

Later in the panel, Rooker stepped into the audience and took questions from anyone and everyone. One fan asked: who is Rooker’s favorite superhero besides Yondu?

“Is the Hulk a superhero? You know, I’ve been a fan of the Hulk since I was eight years old.” So, we’re going to get some fan art of Michael Rooker as the Hulk, right?

The crowd ate up every moment that Michael Rooker was on the mic. Clearly, the actor has become a member of fandom royalty.