Midseason Catchup: Five Biggest Moments From ‘The Originals’ So Far

Amanda Velez

The season three mid-season finale of The Originals left us with plenty of tears and unanswered questions. Here are the biggest moments so far, and get ready for more blood and drama when the series returns to The CW on Jan. 29.


SPOILER WARNING: This article may contain spoilers.

Cami is Dead?!


Klamille shippers finally saw the duo give in to their feelings, only to immediately have their hearts ripped out. There was no happily ever after for the couple, as shortly after their long-awaited first kiss, Klaus woke up to find Cami next to him with her throat slashed.

Is Cami really dead? We know that death is a fluid thing on this show, which leaves open the possibility of her returning in some shape or form. For now, her unexpected demise has left Klaus hungry for revenge.

All Hail King Vincent


Vincent is now the reigning regent of New Orleans. He reclaimed the throne from Davina and one of the perks of being royalty is having access to all kinds of magic. But will his regency put him at odds with the Mikaelson clan? Only time will tell.



Tristan showed up at Vincent’s coronation with Freya’s necklace containing Finn‘s spirit, knowing Vincent was once possessed by Finn. Tristan threatened that if Vincent did not cooperate with the Strix, then maybe Finn would, implying Finn could again inhabit Vincent’s body.

The Strix


Elijah has lost control of the secret vampire society that he created. But after they poison his sister, Freya, and curse his other sister, Rebekah, he can no longer tolerate their shenanigans.

Rebekah the Ripper 


Speaking of Rebekah, she had a pretty rough season. As a result of being stabbed by a cursed stake, Rebecca became blood-thirsty and a liability to her family and friends. After Freya‘s failed attempt to remove the curse, Rebekah asked Elijah to redagger her, fulfilling the “family” element of the prophecy and allowing the remaining siblings to completely trust each other. Elijah reluctantly did so and then hid her safely away until the spell could be broken.

Our tears are barely dry, but we’re anxious to find out what the next chapter holds for the Mikaelson family, and what an angry Klaus is capable of.  Find out when the show returns tonight!

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