Midseason Catchup: Five Biggest Moments From ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season Seven So Far


Even without Nina Dobrev, the show must go on, and The Vampire Diaries proved with Season Seven that it can survive without one of its main characters. With time jumps, new characters, and more crazy plot twists, TVD definitely kept fans on their toes. Read up on the biggest moments so far, and get ready for The Vampire Diaries to return for a midseason premiere on Jan. 29.

SPOILER WARNING: This article may contain spoilers.

Valerie, the Heretic Vampire and…

Valerie, Stefan, and Damon from TVD

…the mother of Stefan’s unborn child?! We met another one of Stefan’s past romances, Valerie, in the last season, but, in Season Seven, we learned a little bit more about her. It turns out she was a witch before getting turned into a vampire, and, more importantly, she revealed how Stefan was almost a dad. Years ago, Valerie was pregnant with his child, but Julian beat her so she would miscarry. Please note that Julian is supposed to be a father figure to Valerie. You read that correctly. The man that is supposed to be Valerie’s “dad” beat his child up so she would miscarry. How crazy is that?!

Phoenix Stone’s Secret

The Phoenix Stone

When you think phoenix, you think rebirth or resurrection, right? The Mystic Falls gang thought so too, and then they found out the Phoenix Stone stone actually is storage for old vampire souls. Resurrecting bodies just put the vampire souls into said bodies. Bonnie used the stone to “resurrect” Oscar and Jo but luckily found out what her spell was doing before making the mistake of bringing back more people. Unfortunately, Lily was able to get her hands on the stone and resurrected her dead lover, Julian. The bad news for her is that he then took the stone, and the sword paired with it, to use as a soul-sucking weapon.

Caroline and Alaric Get Together

Caroline and Alaric

You read that correctly. The first few episodes teased with time jumps that Caroline had a fiancé who wasn’t Stefan, and Alaric had two kids in the future, and we finally learned later that the two end up together. When Valerie took Alaric’s blood, the locator spell she used revealed that Caroline is already pregnant with the twins we saw in an earlier episode. Weirdly enough, the babies are actually Alaric and Jo’s kids, but Caroline magically got impregnated with them thanks to a little thing called a Gemini spell. Don’t worry, we didn’t understand what Julie Plec was thinking when we saw this episode either. Based on time jump scenes, we know that the two are engaged, but who is to say that they’ll end up staying together?

Lily’s Sacrifice

Julian and Lily dancing

We all know about one Lily’s famous sacrifice (Harry Potter), but add another one into the books. In an interesting turn of events, Lily finally realized what a troublemaker her boyfriend Julian was after finding out what he did to Valerie, and she decided to team up with her sons and their friends to get rid of him. Thinking that she was still linked to Julian, she believed she could take him down with her. Sadly, she only found out after staking herself that Mary Louise had already removed the link, and the Salvatore brothers lost their mother again, permanently this time.

That Midseason Finale

Damon and Stefan in the Midseason Finale

We were seriously pissed at how the midseason finale went down, only because we had to see the Salvatore brothers go down. This Christmas episode started off alright but went south very quickly when Damon and Stefan were able to catch Julian, only to be overpowered by him. Julian stabbed Damon with the Phoenix Stone Sword, and then Nora showed up to give Stefan a hole to match his brother’s. As mentioned above, the Phoenix Stone sucks souls into it. Bonnie and the others will probably find a way to get the brothers’ souls out of the stone, but there is always a high price to pay when messing with death.

With only nine episodes so far, Season Seven has definitely turned the dial up on the action and drama. Going into the second half, we already know it will start with a race to save Damon’s soul, and there will be a crossover with The Originals. We can’t wait!

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