2018’s Most Destructive Anime Characters

Zuleika Boekhoudt
TV Attack on Titan
TV Attack on Titan Dragon Ball Anime

Seeing characters battling it out is one of the highlights of watching anime. Their high-flying, over-the-top fights drive the story, and more importantly, keep viewers wanting more. Although this is entertaining to watch, those cleaning up the mess afterward may not be too happy. From demolishing buildings to obliterating entire universes, several main leads and villains have made quite a mess this past year. Here are the most destructive anime characters of 2018.

Rod Reiss (Attack on Titan)

most destructive anime character of 2018 Rod Reiss from Attack on Titan

In the latest season of Attack on Titan, viewers finally learned something about the secrets of the Wall. It seems that the Reiss family are humans who can turn into intelligent Titans. Thanks to their royal blood, the chosen one inherits the memories and ideology of the first King. But when Historia refused to become a Titan, her father, Rod Reiss, had no other choice to become a Titan himself and continue the tradition. The transformation turns Reiss into a huge Titan, consequently destroying the Underground Chapel where they are hiding.

Besides his vast size, Reiss also becomes an abnormal and a pretty weird one at that. His enormous and disproportionate body leaves him crawling on all fours and generating extreme amounts of heat, which causes surrounding objects to spontaneously combust. Crawling from the chapel to Orvud District, Ross leaves a trail of burned trees. Although the Colossal and Armored Titans have caused countless deaths, nothing infuriates an environmentalist more than Reiss’ destructive path as a Pure Titan.

Diablo (How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord)

most destructive anime character of 2018 Diablo from How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord

Takuma Sakamoto, a.k.a. Diablo in the video game Cross Reverie, never showed off the full extent of his power. However, when he gets dragged into another world, reincarnating in the body of his character, Diablo he gets the opportunity to unleash his full power — well at least a bit.

On Earth as a human, he leveled his game avatar to 150 as a Sorcerer and mastered all the Elemental magic, making it easy to defeat players. Due to his immense strength, he protects Faltra City against the Fallen (demon beings), led by the strongest of them all, Edelgard.

The two fight each other on the Bridge of Ulug, and, while their battle was short, it showed Diablo’s destructive power. After blocking Edelgard’s attacks, Diablo casts his most powerful spell, White Nova. Even though it looks like a small fireball, White Nova delivers a powerful punch. It destroys the entire bridge and wipes out a whole army of demonic beings in one strike.

Goku (Dragon Ball Super)

most destructive anime character of 2018 Goku from Dragon Ball Super

A destructive anime character list wouldn’t be complete without the most powerful Saiyan, Son Goku. The Tournament of Power was a wild ride for the Saiyan. Throughout the competition, warriors traded blows to save their own universe from destruction as the loser would get their world erased by the two Zeno.  Although the fate of trillions of people is in the hands of these courageous fighters, they didn’t hold back in breaking a few asteroids.

When it was time for Goku to face Universe 11’s fighter, Jiren, the Saiyan activates his strongest transformation yet, Ultra Instinct. With it, Universe 7 was one step closer to survival, but not without making a mess. Goku and Jiren trade blows, mostly dodging each other. However, these strikes break countless asteroids, leaving the battlefield unrecognizable. Even spectators had to be careful as the force of Goku and Jiren’s fight could easily impact them. Luckily, this battle took place in space and not on land because the Saiyan would have destroyed it.

Zeno (Dragon Ball Super)

most destructive anime character of 2018 Zeno from Dragon Ball Super

Thanks to their immense power, the two Zeno, a.k.a. the Omni Kings, leave no perceivable trails of destruction in their wake. While Goku and Jiren made a visually satisfying mess during the Tournament of Power, the two Zeno took a different route and destroyed trillions of lives in a blink of an eye. Even those granted with immortality via the Super Dragon Balls couldn’t escape their wrath.

Zeno, alongside Future Zeno, are the only characters known to use Erase — an ability to wipe out life — making them not only the two most powerful figures in the Dragon Ball franchise but also the most destructive. Instead of using their power for good, their childish behavior and temper tantrums lead them to Erase entire universes without any reasonable cause.

In spite of how clean they Erase universes for population control, it’s still reckless and leads one to wonder if they’re doing this just to destroy people’s hopes and dreams. Who would have guessed that such cute-looking creatures could have such destructive power?

Brandish μ (Fairy Tail)

most destructive anime character of 2018 Brandish from Fairy Tail

The Fairy Tail Guild has destroyed much of the Kingdom with their fights and shenanigans. However, when Natsu and the guild meet Brandish μ, she gives a whole new meaning to “destructive power.” As one of Zeref‘s Spriggan 12, Brandish has earned the nickname of “Country Demolisher.”

On Caracole Island, the Fairy Tail members fight an Alvarez Empire soldier. When Brandish μ arrives, Natsu and Gray can sense the magic power exuding from her, even giving Natsu the chills. However, Natsu stands up against Brandish μ, but the Spriggan shows off her power by taking out the Alvarez’s soldier with a flick of a finger.

Despite showing her abilities and asking the Guild to stand down, Natsu and the team can’t let this powerful enemy escape. But before the mages could attack, Brandish μ uses her magic to shrink Caracole Island, killing an entire population and leaving the survivors screaming for help. The green-haired mage has no regard for life, which makes her particularly frightening and destructive.

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