The Most Powerful Weapons in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Brian Linder
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From Iron Man’s suit to Thor’s Hammer, we’ve seen a lot of powerful weapons in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But which MCU weapons are the most powerful?

Tony Stark’s armor is top-of-the-line tech, but his Hulkbuster suit is among the best. It was created for the sole purpose of restraining the Hulk. It’s a modular suit that’s launched from an orbital tracking platform.

Captain America’s Shield is the primary weapon of Steve Rogers. The disc-shaped shield is made out of vibranium, the rarest metal on Earth. It’s stronger than steel and a third of the weight, making it powerful in close-quarters melee combat and as a thrown weapon.

Cap's Shield was given to him by Howard Stark.

The Eye of Agamotto is a powerful relic belonging to Doctor Stephen Strange. It harnesses the power of the Time Stone, and has been passed down from the Sorcerers Supreme. The Eye can manipulate time and was used by Strange to fight Kaecilius and Dormammu — so powerful that it was placed back in Kamar-Taj until Strange could learn how to control it.

Black Panther’s suit the most powerful outfit worn by any Avenger. It’s composed of a specially-designed Wakandan Vibranium-mesh weave akin to chain mail that is, like Captain America’s Shield, light-weight, vibration-absorbent, virtually indestructible and renders him immune to most physical damage.

T'Challa's suit is made from Vibranium, a nearly indestructible metal found in Wakanda.

Forged in the heart of a dying star, Mjølnir is the weapon of Thor, the prince of Asgard. Bestowed upon him by Odin, at his coronation, Thor’s hammer is powerful as a weapon of creation as it is of destruction — a fitting companion for a king.

The Infinity Gauntlet channels the power of the Infinity Stones, the remnants of six singularities forged at the creation of the universe — the Space Stone, Mind Stone, the Reality Stone, the Power Stone, the Time Stone and the Soul Stone. The Infinity Gauntlet grants the bearer infinite power when used within the universe of its origin.

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