‘Nashville’ Recap and Reaction: Episode 2 ‘Back in Baby’s Arms’

Zuleika Boekhoudt

Nashville has covered almost every topic that a country music drama can offer. From the rise and fall and rise of a young artist to postpartum depression But, this week’s episode highlighted a constant theme in the series, sorry. From Rayna Jaymes to Will Lexington, everyone is sorry for their action, even if they don’t say it.

The Scarlett and Gunnar Rollercoaster Ride

nashville recap reaction season 5 episode 2 back in babys arms scarlett gunnar

After a night a passion, Scarlett and Gunnar’s morning starts with texts from Autumn Chase. And while Gunnar is ignoring Autumn’s text (per Scarlett’s instruction) she’s still mad, complaining that she’s not even sure if they are a couple. But, sweet Gunnar only want’s her bae to be happy and pulls her back in the covers.

The Cross Country Inspiration

nashville recap reaction season 5 episode 2 back in rayna and deacon

Coming back from her cross country trip, Rayna is welcomed home by Deacon, while her daughters are somewhere off being too busy to welcome mom. While she was driving home, she suddenly had an inspiration. She wants to record a concept album about their relationship, with only the two of them. However, this love album is put on the back-burner when Rayna falls asleep on Deacon’s shoulder. While Rayna is fully into the idea of a concept album Bucky isn’t too keen on it. Looking at Highway’s financial’s, Bucky is right on this one. Ms. Jaymes should do an album with someone that will make it a commercial success and not look at the lovey dovey vanity side.

After leaving her meeting with Bucky, Rayna receives a phone call from her nr. 1 fan, Zach Wells. A surprise Rayna asks him how he got her number, but he is so savvy that he doesn’t give her an answer. This tech guru doesn’t look right to me and goes way beyond the fanboy status to stalker territory.

All of Me

nashville recap reaction season 5 episode 2 back in babys arms

Continuing with her inspiration tour, Rayna wants to put The Exes back on the road again and wants to release another Exes’ single, All of Me. Which makes the former mousy (remember when Juliette met her) Scarlett uneasy. If everyone should just say what they are feeling instead of hiding it and exploding later, we would be a far along.

But, why would Scarlett be uncomfortable with a song she has performed so many times. Simply put she thinks that some other woman inspired Gunnar to write it, “ I feel your golden eyes burning right through me,” and Scarlett has blue eyes. In other words, we will see a whole new side of Scarlett, the jealous and angry side. This causes yet another argument with Gunnar lashing out that he doesn’t know in which direction his love life is heading. As a result, Scarlett doesn’t want to do the song, because Gunnars intention it hurt just because she said no to his marriage proposal.


 nashville recap reaction season 5 episode 2 back in rayna and deacon fighting

It would be a show about country music, without some aspiring new artist, would it? Arriving at Highway 65 Deacon tells Rayna that he has a new gig with a YouTube star named Ashley Willerman. But, the Queen of Country music isn’t too amused about Whatsernuggers as Deacon hasn’t given her an answer about their love album.

Later they have a heated argument with Deacon explaining to Rayna that he’s just a player in The Rayna Jaymes Show. While in the past, Deacon’s low self-esteem issues have held him back from many music opportunities. This time I do believe that Deacon’s right to not do the album, his music isn’t doing well and with the death of his sister (indirectly caused by him) and his failed relationship with his friend/business partner Deacon is in a hard place. And cannot muster to bring the happy feelings in his music, even if he is happily in love.

No More Cowboy Love

nashville recap reaction season 5 episode 2 back in babys arms will lexington and jacob fine

During Will’s birthday dinner, he and Kevin are greeted by Jacob Fine, a men’s wear designer. Who is impressed by Will’s action against the right-winged Nancy Grace inspired journalist who was bashing Will on her show. But, this Mr. Fine is a little bit flirtatious with our Cowboy which makes Kevin a bit uneasy, which he should be. Nevertheless, Will assures Kevin that he shouldn’t worry about Mr. Fine’s flirtatiousness. But, we all can see that this is not going to end well for our guys.

Wanting to sport a new look for himself and a something nice for his bae, Will arrives at one of Fine’s trunk show. The men’s wear designer wastes no time and passionately kisses Will and it looks like Will is into it. And with the phrase that all cheaters say, “ he doesn’t have to know” Will stops him.

After telling Gunnar what happen to him at the trunk show (and ignoring Gunnar’s relationship advice) he tells Kevin that they should move their relationship to the next level, a house with a yard. While we want to see our two boys together, it seems that our Cowboy’s wandering eye will be a problem.

The Somewhat Blind Leading The Blind

nashville recap reaction season 5 episode 2 back in babys arms scarlett and deacon

With no female friends to talk to Scarlett goes to Deacon for some advice. Explaining to him, her tumultuous relationship with Gunnar and how she never seems to be happy. Hearing everything, Deacon offers some advice that only someone in long term relationship finds out, just say sorry. Which Scarlett agrees, and later she apologizes to Gunnar for being jealous who changes the lyrics of All of Me to “blue eyes.”

Not The Same Juliette Barnes

nashville recap reaction season 5 episode 2 back in babys arms juliette and avery

Juliette’s accident has made her uncertain with her relationship with baby daddy Avery. Every time Juliette reminds him that he will eventually leave her, due to her condition. But, as a good guy in love, he will stay by her side, through thick and thin. On top of her rocky relationship, she wants to find the woman that was with her after the plane crash. So she and Emily go to the church, where the pastor tells her that the woman’s name is Hallie. However, that she is a very bashful person and did not want to contact the country star, nevertheless, he can pass Juliette’s number to her.

I’m Sorry

 nashville recap reaction season 5 episode 2 back in babys arms rayna and deacon 2

After their argument, Rayna apologizes to Deacon (to cure his weak ego). But, it seems that Deacon was over it and was working on a song for the album all along. So, either way, he would do the album. Nevertheless, in the next argument, he’ll hang it up on Rayna’s head. While leaving the room, Rayna thanks Deacon for the flowers, which he denies that he send. As Rayna is walking to Highway 65, a mysterious person is watching her (in stalker mode) and listening to her song Already Gone from a car with a busted windshield.

Who is this person and what does (s)he want with the Queen of Country music?

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