What You Need to Prepare for a New School Year According to Pop Culture

Jack Revell
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Starting a new school year brings with it a whole new set of challenges for everyone – and depending on the school you go to, those challenges could be a whole lot tougher than others (demogorgons, anyone?).

Tonnes of pop cultural references and understandings can trace their way back to those films and TV shows we all know and love are set in the fictional educational institutions where the best days of our lives take place (apparently).

In order to get everyone feeling pumped up we want to give students the ultimate guide on how to survive a new school year and what they will need to do so.


Foot coverings are pretty much the number one thing you need to move about swiftly throughout the day and nowhere is this more true than at school. Navigating between classrooms, playgrounds, sports fields, and back again may require several changes of footwear.

Although your old school royal sandals might be traditional, you’ll need something that can adapt to all conditions. Like Shuri’s inventions in the above scene, you want something quick to put on and quiet when moving quickly.

Nike are pretty much the go-to in this category. The Nike Zoom Pegasus 37s are super bouncy, lightweight, and breathable while the Nike Star Runner 2s are perfect for track training. If you want something with a bit more grip, the ASICS GT 1000 10s should be your go-to.


Swimming gear and swimming in general can be awkward at the best of times. That’s why it’s important to have the right kit and make sure it fits to avoid any embarrassing mistakes. Mistakes that could be fatal.

If Barb had had the right gear in the above scene, there’s no telling if she would’ve been able to outrun or outpace the demogorgon who ends up snacking on her. Definitely something to consider when browsing your back to school gear.

rebel’s Speedo Boys and Girls outfits in school colours are made from patented endurance fabric which is 100% chlorine resistant to prevent tears and fading.


Backpacks are an absolutely essential kit for a smooth ride through the corridors of school. Getting the ringtone can be tricky though. You want something that actually fits a fair amount of stuff, with the right pockets for holding everything plus being tough and standing up to the elements. It’s gotta look cool, too.

As we all know from Jumanji, you don’t get in water with a backpack on (everybody knows that) so being aware of your surroundings and the limitations of your gear is super important.

The Storm Scrimmage Backpack from Under Armour fits all of the above with adjustable HeatGear shoulder straps, a 15-inch laptop sleeve, and exterior pockets for water bottle storage. You may be able to get into water with this one.

Water Bottle

Having the right portable water storage with you as you go about your day is another essential component of the school kit. Medical science recommends between 2 and 4 litres of water per day but only 20% of Aussies actually achieve this.

While it’s not the kind of thing you want to leave lying around on set, this infamous scene in the final episode of Game of Thrones shows just how important water is (if you’re willing to ruin the final ep in a US $90 million dollar season) and the importance of storing and looking after it correctly.

The Celsius Essential Water Bottle is ideal as it has a see-through strip on the side to monitor consumption. You’ll just have to remember to drink around three of these per day and keep them somewhere safe where they won’t cause later issues.