‘Final Fantasy XV’ Team’s Next Project in Development, and It’s Not Type-1

Alexa Ray Corriea

During a chat with Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata at PAX West this weekend, the tireless developer revealed that even though his current title is getting more additional content through the new year, the team under him is already in the beginning stages of a new project.

When asked about what he will do once Final Fantasy XV is finally content complete, Tabata said that team at Business Division 2 — the part of Square Enix where Final Fantasy gets made — is already looking into it.

“Internally, we have started our next project,” he said. “As the next project from the Final Fantasy XV team, a small portion of our team has already started working already. Everything we tried and challenged ourselves with Final Fantasy XV, we’re just going to elevate that and do it even bigger and better for the next version.”

What about that Type-0 sequel?

Prior to Final Fantasy XV, Tabata was the director on Final Fantasy Type-o. After beating the game, fans were shown a teaser trailer for a possible sequel, called only “Type-1,” or “Type-Next.” When asked if his next project would be related to “Type-1,” Tabata said no.

“Nothing from ‘Type-1.’ We don’t have any plan for it,” he said. “For me and a lot of the dev team, ‘Type-1’ is something that interests them and something that they eventually want to pursue, but the current part of where we’re at after doing all these things for Final Fantasy XV, we think, it’s most appropriate to build on that experience and build and do it even bigger and more expansive for the next project. So, at the time being, ‘Type-1’ doesn’t fit in line with that approach.”

We could see more Luna and Ardyn

Earlier this year, Square Enix rolled out a survey asking players what kind of content they want to see added to the game. The number one and two choices were story content for characters Ardyn and Lunafreya. The team already has a multiplayer expansion, a DLC story episode focused on Ignis, and mobile and PC versions on the way. Because of the high fan demand, we could be seeing new additions to Final Fantasy XV well into 2018.

“Officially, our DLC rollout plan is through this year, but from seeing the user survey results and also the feedback we’re getting directly from fans at these community gatherings, it’s probably not possible to do everything and reach that end of the journey within this calendar year,” Tabata told Fandom. “But that’s about the feeling that we have right now.”

Alexa Ray Corriea
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