Oscars 2018 — The 5 Biggest Snubs and Surprises

Drew Dietsch
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Movies Wonder Woman DC Marvel

Oscars 2018 is underway. The nominations are out and there are plenty of surprises and snubs to parse over. Here are five of the biggest shockers to come out of the nominations.

Snubbed: Wonder Woman

This is the craziest snub of the year. Warner Bros. went all out in pushing for some awards love, and even though a Best Picture nominations was a long shot, everyone expected it to snag some technical awards. But to receive nothing? That’s nuts. Wonder Woman was an enormous financial success and critically beloved (Read FANDOM’s review), but it looks like the Academy didn’t feel the same way. Well, history will be the real judge and it’s likely Wonder Woman is going to outlive a lot of Oscars 2018 films.

Surprise: Logan

Logan was another superhero success in both box office and critical circles (Read FANDOM’s review) but it looks like it struck a real chord with Academy voters. Logan is nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay and that is a first for a superhero film. It’s up against some stiff competition, but this is an instance where it really is an honor just to be nominated. Hopefully, this will make other studios reconsider exactly what they can do with a superhero story. And if Logan wins? That’d be a hell of a way for Hugh Jackman to exit this iconic character.

Snubbed: James Franco

Everybody thought that this was a no-brainer nomination. The Disaster Artist seemed like it had all the momentum going in its favor (Read FANDOM’s Review), but it ended up with only a single nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay. James Franco looked like an easy lock for his portrayal of weirdo filmmaker Tommy Wiseau, but it’s possible that the recent allegations about James Franco hindered his spot for Best Actor. There’s no way to tell at this point.

Surprise: Ferdinand

…What?!? How did this mediocre offering (Kim’s review) find a spot in the Best Animated Feature Film category? It’s usually a given that every Disney and DreamWorks movie will get nominated in this spot, but to see The Lego Batman Movie (Read FANDOM’s review) and the highly underrated Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie (Read FANDOM’s review) get shoved out for this is a huge disappointment.

Snubbed: Steven Spielberg

The popular consensus is that if Steven Spielberg directs a film, he’s almost certain to pick up another Oscar nomination. That’s not the case with The Post. It was expected to nab a number of nominations but only ended up with Best Picture and the always expected Best Actress nomination for Meryl Streep. Spielberg is usually an Academy darling but it looks like his timely true story picture didn’t charm the Oscars like everyone thought it would.

What were your biggest snubs and surprises? Let us know!

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