‘Paragon’ Shadow’s Eve In-Game Event Brings Halloween to Agora


Paragon, the third-person MOBA from Epic Games, is celebrating the Halloween season with their in-game Shadow’s Eve event. During the event, players have a variety of ways to obtain several spooky skins for their favorite Paragon heroes. The event takes place Oct. 11 – Nov. 6. Check out the Paragon Shadow’s Eve trailer below:

The full announcement follows:

It’s time to gather for Paragon mischief and mayhem in this year’s Shadows Eve! Players can sport spooky new skins and show off their shadowy spirit from Oct. 11 through Nov. 6.

Starting tomorrow through Oct. 24, players who link their Epic ID to their Twitch account can get free Shadow’s Eve skin drops simply for watching Paragon streams on Twitch. Available skins include Sweet Dreams Khaimera, Feline Queen Sparrow, Mephisto Gideon, Skull-Bot Twinblast, Spider Witch Belica, and Franken-Grux.

During the entire event, all players can play as Dock-o-Lantern Murdock for free, and earn the skin permanently simply by linking their Twitch account. And for those interested in purchasing the skins outright, a discounted bundle of all of the skins will be available for a limited time from Oct. 25 to Nov. 6.

Twitch Linking

Rewarding players for linking to their Twitch account is a shrewd move on the part of Epic. Twitch viewership is key to the success of competitive games like Paragon. Therefore, incentivizing people to link their game account and then watch streams on the service is a good way for Epic to keep track of all of their potential streamers while simultaneously boosting viewership numbers for the game.

Dynamic Bundles

Another especially noteworthy feature of the event is the introduction of dynamic bundles. This means if you have already won one or more skins, you only pay for the remaining skins in the bundle. You also still only pay the discounted price. It’s nice to see such a consumer-friendly tactic in an online game. This is exactly the kind of community fanservice that builds long-term players and advocates for a game. Offers like these were key to the success of Paragon competitors like League of Legends and DotA 2.

Full details on the Paragon Shadow’s Eve event can be found at this official blog post. Paragon is available now in open beta for PC and PlayStation 4.

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