6 Pearls of Wisdom From ‘Voltron: Legendary Defender’

Chrissie Miille
TV Animated Series
TV Animated Series

And so it ends. Netflix’s Voltron: Legendary Defender has wrapped with its eighth season. It’s incredible to think what this show accomplished in just over two years, how it has inspired fans with its themes of unity, love, and compassion. Voltron has been chock full of valuable messages since the first episode, “The Rise of Voltron,” and saw that tradition through to the end. Let’s take a look back at some of the pearls of wisdom Team Voltron gave us over the series.

Patience Yields Focus

Patience yields focus

Shiro, known by fans as “Space Dad,” has been the leader since day one. In “The Rise of Voltron,” when the team infiltrates a Galra ship to find the Red Lion, they split up, leaving Keith to search for his lion on his own. Before they part, Shiro reassures Keith by giving him the advice of “patience yields focus.” A few minutes later, Keith puts it to good use, clears his mind, and, finally, finds his lion.

Keith uses the advice again in Season 2 when he has to cross a large chasm so he can save Shiro. But the quote has been a cornerstone of Voltron and Shiro’s character since the beginning, and it’s good to keep in mind. With how fast-paced the world has become, we could all stand to slow things down, clear out the distractions, and focus.

Go, Be Great

Pidge sees her lion for the first time

If Shiro is Space Dad, then Sam Holt, Pidge and Matt’s father, is definitely Earth Dad, with equally sage advice of his own. While searching for the Green Lion, Pidge lays bare all her concerns about being a Paladin to Shiro. To ease her mind, Shiro tells her what Sam once told him: “If you get too worried about what could go wrong, you might miss a chance to do something great.” Later in Season 5, when Sam worries that Earth won’t be ready for a Galra invasion, Pidge repeats his own advice to him.

As defenders of the universe, Team Voltron can’t afford to entertain the idea of things going wrong. Sure, sometimes bad things still happen, but it’s their positive outlook going in that’s allowed them to become legendary. Think about what we could accomplish as a planet if we took this to heart. If we stop stressing over the “what-ifs” and prepare for them instead, we can achieve incredible things and become legends in our own right.

The Same Cosmic Dust

The Green Lion glows with quintessence

One of the things Voltron does best is its portrayal of the universe and our place in it. In Season 2’s “Greening the Cube,” Ryner, an alien from Olkarion, helps Pidge strengthen her bond with the Green Lion. She explains how everything is connected and that “we’re all made up of the same cosmic dust.” Through understanding this, Pidge unlocks her lion’s hidden power, the vine cannon.

This is more of a philosophy than advice, but it certainly is wise to keep Ryner’s message to Pidge in mind — that we are all made of the same essence. It should serve as a reminder to stop and step back every once in a while and really think about our place in the cosmos. It’s humbling but it also keeps you in awe of everyone and everything around you. It’s a reminder that we are the universe.

Knowing When to Stop

Too many Blades for Keith to fight

The Blade of Marmora members have also proven to be a wise group of aliens. When Shiro and Keith first meet with the underground group, Keith ends up fighting them in a series of trials to find out where his own blade came from. He suffers greatly, prompting Shiro to ask the group’s leader, Kolivan, how long the trials go on for. In response, Kolivan says, “Sometimes the greatest challenge is knowing when to stop.”

It’s important to be motivated, yes. But it’s also important to assess each situation and determine if your goal is attainable or not. The hard part is accepting the answer to that and sticking with it. No matter how great the reward might be, you must acknowledge the risks and be ready for the consequences. Be aware of your limits.

To Be Brave

Hunk is determined and brave

One of the most important lessons of the series is simple, yet profound. In “Know Your Enemy,” Hunk confides in Keith that he’s scared about not being able to help his family, who have been captured by the Galra. In turn, Keith tells him that he’s impressed by him because he’s never backed down, and that “to be brave is to go on in spite of fear.” The pep talk does wonders for Hunk, and they immediately leave to go search for his family.

Keith’s message is inspiring, to say the least. It perfectly describes Hunk’s, and all the Paladins’, sense of bravery. The universe can be a terrifying place. But if we can channel Hunk’s strength into everything that we do, then we can push past our fears and accomplish so much.

True Power

Gyrgan and Hunk in front of the Yellow Lion in the void

Season 8 delivers one final message that may be the most important of them all. In “Knights of Light, Part 1,” the new Paladins meet the original team in the void after freeing the latter’s spirits from Honerva’s influence. As they update them on the situation at hand, Hunk tells the original Yellow Paladin, Gyrgan, that the Paladins of Voltron fly again. In response, Gyrgan tells him that he always believed that “unity is where true power comes from, and true unity can only be born of love.”

This message hits directly on Voltron‘s main themes, and it’s one everyone should hear. The Paladins prove time and again that they are always stronger together and that it’s their bond that gives them that strength. If we can apply that same principle to our world today and join together as one planet that’s built on peace and love, there’s no telling what we can do. Much like they are for Team Voltron, the stars would be our limit.

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