Player Unknown Reveals ‘PUBG’s Origins, Wants to Make it an eSport That Lasts

Tom Regan

At this point, it looks like there’s no stopping PUBG. What started as a quirky mod for DayZ has gone onto become the biggest gaming phenomenon since Minecraft.  Racking up over 30 million sales in under a year and spawning the equally successful imitator Fortnite, PUBG‘s success has seen the rest of the gaming industry desperately struggling to create their own battle royale versions.

But what’s next for the multiplayer juggernaut? We asked Player Unknown himself.

“For us it’s about creating a platform for an eSport. This year we really want to invest heavily into firming up what we have and creating systems and processes so that people can rely that it will be a competitive game for a long time to come. We want to try to work with players to give them a really competitive game that they can enjoy for many years to come.”

With the game’s first ever eSport tournament taking place in Berlin this summer, its success is crucial to fending off growing competitors like Fornite.

We spoke to Player Unknown at the video game BAFTAs.

When asked about other battle royale competition like Fortnite and the 80s themed Radical Heights, Player Unknown had this to say:

“It’s great to see new and interesting spins on the battle royale game mode happen. I always wanted a genre to grow out of it and now seeing that and there’re going to be many more,  I’m quite proud of [birthing a genre].”

But how did it all come about? Player Unknown revealed how he created the game back when he was just a gamer who went by the name of Brendan.

“I made something I wanted to play. I saw the Survivor Gamez Brian Hicks and Jordan Tayers DayZ mod and said I wanted to play this but because I wasn’t a streamer or a content creator I couldn’t.

I saw some things I thought they were doing wrong and some things I thought I could improve on and I thought OK, let me try this.

And that’s the great thing about modding  — you can. Especially in ARMA  –there’s such a wide range of resources there — so I went ‘OK let’s see if I can make this’ and I could and here I am today!”

Tom Regan
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