Did ‘Preacher’ Deliver a Killer Season Finale?

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WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS from Season 2 of Preacher.

Preacher just ended its second season run and lot’s went down. The controversial, comedic, and crazy show has given fans a ton to talk about, so I sat down with the founder of the Preacher Wiki, Marcus Yap, to discuss our feelings, theories, and predictions about where the show has been and where it’s headed.

Headed in the Right Direction

DREW: I think it’s fair to say that the second season of Preacher has been a big improvement. I certainly dug the first season, but this year the show felt like it was firing on all cylinders more often than not. What do you think has been the biggest success this season?

MARCUS: Each character actually felt important to the story. While I loved many characters from last season, they just felt like background characters that had too much focus.

DREW: I definitely agree that the ensemble worked better in Season 2. All the new characters — especially everyone in the Grail — felt like they belonged in this warped and wacky world. Granted, that’s also because we got a lot more characters who came from the comic, but that’s certainly not a bad thing.

Who was your favorite new character? I’m going to get in so much trouble for this, but I think I have to go with Hitler. The fact that Preacher got me to say something like that just shows how wild this show can get.

preacher herr starr feature
Herr Starr (Pip Torrens) is the leader of the powerful organization known as the Grail.

MARCUS: This is a very difficult one. It’s between Herr Starr and Featherstone. Pip Torrens had great chemistry with Dominic Cooper as Julie Ann Emery did with Ruth Negga. Perhaps if I didn’t pick Starr I’d end up on the tarp so I’ll stick with him.

Bumps in the Road

Even the best shows have their flaws. What would you consider to be the biggest flaw(s) of this season?

DREW: There is still a meandering attitude to a lot of Preacher that often undercuts its larger-than-life plots and concepts. That kind of aimlessness is actually a plus when you have a story that’s mostly a road trip tale, but the road trip didn’t last for very long.

I think Preacher needs to shave off some of its edges plot-wise and hone in on a central driving force. That was supposed to be the hunt for God, but it felt like we were getting sidetracked from that really early on. To be fair, those sidetracks were entertaining on their own, but they often didn’t feel like part of the whole.

MARCUS: I agree. Many shows suffer from subplots dragging on too long but hopefully, things will pick up after Tulip returns. Additionally, like last season, the inconsistent pacing was still an issue.

preacher season 2 finale tulip dead
Tulip is dead. How long is that going to last?

Speaking of Tulip, I have a gripe about her fate. While we were delivered one of the most powerful TV moments of the year, the impact was completely ruined right after. In the comics, it was Jody who killed Tulip under Gran’ma‘s orders. That’s not the issue I have. The issue is that there really were no ramifications. Jesse may have looked depressed but he knows he’ll be getting Tulip back and will be willing to pay any cost.

I might get hate for saying it should’ve been like the comic, but it should’ve. Jesse needs to believe she’s gone. Regardless, I guess it should be in my best interest to have faith in what Rogen, Goldberg, and Catlin have planned. Whatever Jesse has to do for Tulip, it must be big.

DREW: Yeah, the setup during the finale’s cold open definitely foreshadowed Tulip’s eventual fate and rebirth a bit too much. If anything, I’m hoping the show doesn’t bring back Tulip through the use of Gran’ma’s voodoo and this is a bit of misdirection. There is still an opportunity to follow the comic storyline and subvert viewer expectations while pleasing fans of the comic story.

How about the Saint of Killers? If there is one aspect the show is undeniably nailing, I think it’s him.

MARCUS: Couldn’t agree more. However, I wish they hadn’t given him a real name and kept that part of him a mystery. Not every character needs an identity. Regardless, the Saint of Killers is one that will always intimidate, regardless of what his real name is.

What Does the Future Hold?

preacher season 2 finale angelville
Jesse is headed back to his old stomping grounds and he ain't happy.

DREW: So, it looks like we’ll finally be spending time in Angelville at the start of next season. I assume that Gran’ma, Jody, and T.C. have been kept hidden in the hopes that the show can land some fun actors in the roles. Anyone you’d like to see in any of those roles?

MARCUS: With his past AMC connections, I would love to see Michael Rooker play Jody.

DREW: This NEEDS to happen.

With a connection to Breaking Bad via Sam Catlin and the writers’ room, how about Charles Baker (Skinny Pete) for T.C. and Betsy Brandt (Marie Schrader) for Gran’ma?

MARCUS: Haven’t watched Breaking Bad but those could work. Though I’ve said it far too many times, I think Grace Zabriskie can really kill the role of Gran’ma.

twin peaks grace zabriskie sarah palmer
Grace Zabriskie as Sarah Palmer in Twin Peaks.

DREW: I rescind my answer. Grace Zabriskie is perrrrfect.

MARCUS: Aside from Gran’ma, Jody, and T.C., what other characters would you like to see? They’ve alluded to Les Enfants du Sang in the season finale. Any chance you think Cassidy will seek them out?

DREW: I don’t know if that was a setup for more to come or just a nice nod to fans. I’m hoping we’ll get to see Satan in the season three premiere getting the business from the Saint. I’m also hoping that Jesse’s childhood friend, Billy-Bob shows up.

MARCUS: We’ve done a handful of fan casts but not the biggest of all. Who do you think should play God?

preacher season 2 finale god
The Almighty is behind that door. But, what does he look like?

DREW: Do we go meta with Seth Rogen? Or pull in his old buddy James Franco? After getting the Mark Harelik version, I kind of want God to be something totally unexpected. To go back to the Breaking Bad well, I think people would go nuts if it was Bryan Cranston.

MARCUS: If James Franco were to be on Preacher, he should play Jesus DeSade. What about Jeff Bridges? That’ll really set Cassidy off. Wish they had a couple of Big Lebowski jokes this season. Though, the foreskin rants were fun!

DREW: Jeff Bridges is too perfect to ever come true, but you never know!

Going into season three, what’s the one thing Preacher needs to do?

MARCUS: Find more consistent pacing and reduce the number of subplots that end up dragging on all season.

DREW: Couldn’t have said it better myself. I think the show is definitely getting better but still refining itself. Season three has the potential to be an enormous win for the show. Here’s hoping it does just that.

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