‘The Predator’ – Answers to Your 10 Biggest Questions

Evan Killham
Movies Sci-Fi
Movies Sci-Fi
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The Predator brings the universe’s most evolved hunter back to theaters. It’s the new film from co-writer/director Shane Black, whose last movie was the detective buddy-comedy The Nice Guys, and it’s a little bit of a departure from that one. But we still expect plenty of witty banter and outrageous action, because that’s what he does.

If this is your first time seeing the iconic alien trophy-seeker in theaters, don’t worry. Here are the answers to all of your burning questions about The Predator:

What is a Predator?

The species is called either the Hish or the Yautja, depending on which source you’re reading. They’ve never been properly named in the franchise because… everyone was too busy running for their lives. Their culture centers on hunting, and they travel to different planets to take on the most dangerous prey they can find. The “predator” name is a bit off though, since they hunt for sport and not for food. Their apparent goal is to add to their extensive collections of skulls… and impress their friends.

How do Predators hunt?

Predators have developed incredibly advanced technology, including interstellar travel and a variety of weapons systems — all so they could collect trophies more effectively.

They have a camouflage system that renders them mostly invisible. And they also have a variety of spears, wrist spikes, and deadly throwing discs for weapons. But their trademark is a shoulder-mounted blaster with a triple laser sight. This is far superior to our Earth weapons with their puny single lasers. If you’re doing the math, the Predator’s aiming system is exactly three times cooler.

What are Predators doing on Earth?

Well, they’re hunting. That’s what they do.

But in The Predator, this isn’t really a scheduled outing. The Predators show up after a boy accidentally calls them here. And it’s up to a smart-mouthed team of mercenaries to deal with the threat. This probably just makes their skulls look way more appealing to the Predators, but darn it, they’ve gotta try.

Is that really all the Predators want?

Okay, well maybe they’re not just collecting bones after all. The Predators may have their laser sights on bigger things. Specifically, they might want to conquer Earth. It’s hard to guess what a Predator-run planet would be like. But we could see them converting the whole place into a giant theme park — seeding the world’s varied environments with the most dangerous lifeforms in the universe. For fun.

They probably aren’t here for churros or pumpkin spice lattes, in any case.

Does The Predator take place at Christmas?

That’s a fair assumption since fans of Shane Black will know that his movies, including Lethal Weapon, Iron Man 3, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, are all set during the holidays. But The Predator breaks with that tradition and sets its story during the far superior Halloween season. This is possible because that’s the only time a giant alien creature can walk around in the suburbs without really being noticed.

The suburbs? Isn’t that a weak hunting ground?

Predators do seem to prefer harsh environments — like the jungle or frozen tundra — to maximize the sport. But they can’t always pick where they crash… or the locations of the secret labs they end up in. So The Predator will have the creatures running rampant against a backdrop of little pink houses and a middle school.

Who’s the new guy?

The iconic species is getting an upgrade in The Predator. It turns out that the hunters aren’t satisfied with just finding deadly creatures to track down. They’ve decided to make their own. This means splicing their own DNA with other species to make a brand-new “superpredator” that’s bigger, stronger, and scarier than the ones who made it.

Wait … why is it naked?

Oh, you noticed that, huh? Yeah, that’s kind of embarrassing. But while Predators have historically appeared in armor and their trademark helmets — hiding their terrifying spider-faces, the “Upgrade” doesn’t need it. Its body is already armored. It’s a perfect … well, predator, and it doesn’t need all the tech and protection to hunt. It’s also 10 feet tall, which is its own advantage.

What about the special effects?

While the Upgrade will certainly be computer-generated the traditional Predators will mostly be real people in creature suits. This use of practical effects can mean better performances — since actors aren’t constantly having to react to tennis balls on sticks instead of real, terrifying murder-aliens.

Who’s making the Predator suits?

Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc. is on monster duty for The Predator. Veteran creature designers Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff, Jr’s company have made terrifying monsters in dozens of films. The company has an amazing body of work, and it’ll put its decades of experience to good use making the new Predators look both scary and super awesome.

See all of this for yourself when The Predator invades theaters.

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