Will Professor X Be in ‘Legion’ Season 2?

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SPOILER ALERT: This post contains spoilers from Season 1 of Legion. Proceed with caution.

Charles Xavier — better known as Professor X — is possibly the most important character in the X-Men franchise. His presence has been a constant one throughout many of the various film and television version of the X-Men. He’s also an important figure in Legion. As it was revealed in the first season of the FX show, David Haller (Dan Stevens) is the son of Professor X. We even saw a shot of his iconic wheelchair in Season 1.

Does this mean that Professor X is going to show up in Season 2 of Legion?

What the Creators Have to Say

legion noah hawley dan stevens
Creator Noah Hawley (left) and star Dan Stevens (right).

It’s obviously a question that has been put forth to the people who make Legion. Specifically, showrunner Noah Hawley has spoken about it in the past. This is what he had to say during a roundtable interview:

“It becomes a corporate conversation with the film studios and the characters they want to protect. If we wanted to have Professor X, whether that’s Patrick Stewart or James McAvoy, that’s a conversation that needs to take place.”

Series star Dan Stevens certainly seems excited at the idea. Speaking with Collider, he mentioned how David’s knowledge about his father is definitely going to play some part in the show going forward. From that interview:

“It’s always plaguing him or ringing bells in the background of whatever is going on. It’s less at the forefront of his mind, at the beginning of this season, but it definitely comes into play, as we move on, as it does naturally for people who discover that they are adopted.”

And of course, Dan Stevens offered the job to Sir Patrick Stewart when they appeared together on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Watch that smile-inducing clip here:

So, it seems like the people making the show are interested in the idea. Could it happen? And if so, will it happen as soon as Season 2?


Legion is a show that exists in its own special corner of the X-Men universe. It’s part of the unique charm of the franchise in that it doesn’t feel the need to be as interconnected as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As I’ve written before, this has lead to the X-Men series being able to be much more creatively and tonally free. Would bringing in Professor X shake up the unique flavor that Legion built with its first season?

It would also depend on which version of Professor X we get in Legion. Would it be Patrick Stewart or James McAvoy? Or will Legion completely recast the character? It’s a tricky situation that could either enhance or jeopardize the entire endeavor.

But, with Stevens dropping cryptic hints about David’s interest in his father as Season 2 progresses, it’s possible that the season finale could end with a Professor X reveal that sets up Season 3.

We’ll find out when Legion starts its new season on April 3.

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