9 Storylines Fans Want Wrapped Up in the ‘Scandal’ Finale

Yael Tygiel

Scandal is hanging up its white hat as we head into the series finale, “Over the Cliff” tonight, but there’s still so much ground to cover. In the penultimate episode, Season 7 Episode 17 “Standing In the Sun,” the Gladiators’ fearless leader Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) did the unthinkable, stood in the sun, and revealed B613 to Lonnie Mencken. While Jake Ballard (Scott Foley) attempted to regain his control, Olivia marched forward, taking everyone into the sun with her.

Now, with only one hour left, we’re wondering how Scandal will wrap things up.

Below are 9 storylines fans want answered:

1. Will Charlie, Quinn, and Robin Be Reunited?


For all intents and purposes, Quinn Perkins (Katie Lowes) is considered deceased by the world. Charlie (George Newbern) is in prison for hacking Airforce Two and attempted to assassinate Vice President Cyrus Beene (Jeff Perry). And no one seems to wonder who is taking care of baby Robin. In the final episode, will Quinn rise from the dead – or assume another new name – and get Charlie out of prison in time to pick up Robin from whatever mystery nanny service is taking care of her? And even if they do reunite, do they intend to live a civilian life? Doubtful as Quinn has been running QPA (formerly Olivia Pope and Associate) and Charlie was a B6-13 agent.

2. Where Will Huck End Up?

Olivia’s designated hacker and muscle has quite a body count attached to his name. There’s a pretty good chance that Huck (Guillermo Diaz) ends up in prison, or on the run (or just slaughtering everyone) after Olivia tells all. But is there any hope for him to find happiness, perhaps taking over nanny duties for whatever mystery person is doing it now?

3. Who Lands In Jail?

During the last episode Olivia and company listed just a few of the evil things they’ve been involved with, or adjacent to, including the murders of James and Amanda Tanner. Let’s not forget about voter fraud, the President going to war for his mistress, killing the VP with a chair… the list goes on… Yet when it comes down to it, we want to know if Jake get his just desserts and will Cyrus Bean survive the culling?

Both of these men have shown time and again that they will do whatever it takes to get what they want, regardless of laws or ethics.

4. What About the Remaining members of B6-13?

Let’s say we clean house and everyone we know gets arrested, or pardoned, or killed. With such a deep-rooted organization, it stands to reason there were many more members of B613 that are unaccounted for. Such as Tom Larsen (Brian Letscher) – who you may remember as the one who murdered Fitz’s son – and was wrongfully imprisoned, along with his ex-lover Cyrus, for murder. Yet as the story unfolded, only Cyrus was released. The former secret service agent definitely needs to call Annalise Keating to file his appeal.

5. Was Eli Pope Command The Entire Series?

Call it conjecture, or just a wild theory, but is it possible that he’s been secretly pulling the strings from the very beginning, through his retirement and until this final moment? If that’s the case, is his plan for Olivia to reveal all the secrets or does her exposure of the organization mean he will have to pay for his crimes too? Then who will take care of his bones?

6. Can President Mellie Grant’s Reputation Survive?

As Olivia explained her plan to the team last episode, both Mellie (Bellamy Young) and Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) expressed concern for their reputations, and presidential legacies. If recent episodes are to be believed, Olivia genuinely cares about Mellie’s legacy – the first female president – and would hopefully attempt to shield her from the fall out. But would she actually be able to?

7. Will Mellie and Marcus Walker End Up Together?

8. Or Will Marcus Head to HTGAWM?

According to Deadline, Shonda Rhimes said, “Scandal is Done,” and that we shouldn’t expect to see Pope and company on any other shows… but regardless, Marcus and Michaela had something special, right?

9. Can Olivia and Fitz Have Their Happily Ever After?

It seems like they’re back together, at least physically, but will it last? We’ve seen Fitz adjust to his new role, but we’ve also seen that Olivia struggles with domestic life. Is their dream of Vermont even feasible at this point?

One thing is for sure, no one knows what will go down in the final hour of Scandal. Bellamy Young told The Wrap that she received an email, just over 24 hours before the finale, telling her “EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED.” Which prompted Rhimes herself to tweet, “If everything changed in the Scandal finale, no one told me.”

I guess the only way to get our answers will be to tune in and find out! Pour yourself a goblet of wine and get ready, the series finale of Scandal airs tonight on ABC.

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