Science Fictional: Voice Control

Meredith Paul
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From inspirational utopian dramas to intergalactic horror films, there’s one recurring idea that pops up all the time in classic movie sci-fi: we want to talk to computers. And we want the computers to understand us. Sometimes, we even want them to talk back to us. It just makes everything feel futuristic. Plus it gives characters opportunities to move around a scene, and do stuff with their hands, while they work.

Fortunately, real scientists and engineers have already been working for decades on ways for us to talk to our computers and have them understand, without any mashing of keyboard buttons or clicking of mice.

Meredith Paul
Meredith Paul is a staff writer at Fandom and an actor for whoever will cast her. Her work has has been featured on Bustle, The History Channel, Food Network, InStyle Magazine and others. Seeker on the Gryffindor Quidditch team/defeated Voldemort. Check out her website at