Sean Astin Says ‘Goonies 2’ Will Happen With or Without Steven Spielberg

Lawrence Yee

Sean Astin has been in some of the biggest franchises on the small and big screen. He’s played Bob Newby in Stranger Things, and Samwise Gamgee in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. But fans still ask him about a particular film from three decades ago — The Goonies — and the possibility of a Goonies 2.

Astin actually got his big screen break playing Mikey Walsh in the 1985 adventure film. The story — which revolves around a rag-tag band of kids in search of a hidden pirate’s treasure — was written by Steven Spielberg.

Astin was just thirteen years old at the time. The Goonies also starred a young Josh Brolin (Thanos, Cable), Corey Feldman, Martha Plimpton, and Joe Pantoliano (as one of the evil Fratelli family members).

Spielberg owns the rights to the story, and a sequel has never been made despite tremendous fan interest. Among those fans is Astin himself.

“It will definitely get made,” Astin told FANDOM exclusively. “Either in Steven Spielberg’s lifetime when he says yes, or after his lifetime when WB takes it over.”

“Spielberg has been very protective of the idea,” Astin added. “He’s always wanted to do the sequel. Three years after we finished he sent me a poster and asked me about it. Like I said would say no. I think they’ve had lots of versions of that script written and I think he just hasn’t felt like it would capture the same feeling of that time. But it will [be made] at some time. I would be happy to participate or happy to bring my grandchildren.”

Whether the now 47-year-old would reprise his role as Mikey Walsh (perhaps playing dad to a new generation of teen adventure seekers) or be involved in another way, Astin remains open … and optimistic.

And with ’80s nostalgia trend right now — including his very own Stranger Things — perhaps Goonies 2 will become a reality sooner rather than later.

Fans can currently catch Astin voicing the narrator in the new Netflix series, Dreamworks’ The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants, on Netflix now.

Lawrence Yee
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