See Some Familiar Faces in These New ‘Twin Peaks’ Trailers

Drew Dietsch

Twin Peaks is so close. David Lynch is returning to his television masterstroke with eighteen hours of new story to tell. The marketing has been purposefully vague but today gives us our best look yet. Check out these new trailers that show us some of our favorite characters twenty-five years later.

There isn’t much to go on here, but it is great to see Agent Dale Cooper and the gang again. We get glimpses of Ed, Sarah, Hawk, Andy, and Carl who appeared in the film Fire Walk With Me. Since this is a David Lynch joint, things feel ominous as all get out (or Get Out rather). Who would have thought that watching Sarah Palmer shop for groceries could be creepy?

Need some more? Check out this other trailer that shows off even more old friends like Albert, Gordon, and Shelly.

What’s in Store?

It’s worth noting that this limited event series is being framed as an odyssey for Cooper. He is making his way back to the town where Laura Palmer died. Could this mean that a majority of the show will take place in the Black Lodge? Is Cooper’s soul trying to escape the Black Lodge while BOB pilots Cooper’s body in the physical realm? Or is Cooper journeying back to Twin Peaks at the behest of BOB, who possessed him at the end of the series?

twin peaks dale cooper bob

Don’t be surprised if we start seeing more of these trailers in the next week or so. I can see them releasing these periodically and giving us small teases into each of the characters. Will they go so far as to show pivotal characters like Leland or the One-Armed Man? Admittedly, it’s exciting to be this close to the premiere and still be in the dark. It’s a rarity in our trailer-obsessed, marketing crazy pop culture.

Twin Peaks will premiere on May 21. You still have time to binge the whole series! At least get in a watch of Fire Walk With Me!

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