See What Thor Was Doing During ‘Civil War’

Drew Dietsch

One of the greatest mysteries that sprung from Captain America: Civil War had to do with the absence of Thor Odinson. Considering Thor is a founding member of the Avengers, it would seem like he would be involved in the feud between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. Where exactly was Thor while Iron Man and Captain America were smacking each other around?

Well, it turns out that the God of Thunder had his own thing going on while Spider-Man and Ant-Man were dueling at a vacant airport. This newly released video sheds some light on Thor’s lack of presence during this historic feud. Learn the secret history by watching the video:

Obviously, this is a bit of fun that riffs on the faux documentary style of shows like The Office. It’s great to see Chris Hemsworth stretch his comedic muscles – he’s very funny as Kevin the secretary in the new Ghostbusters – and for Marvel to show that they don’t take these things quite so seriously. There’s even a nifty bit of cute criticism aimed at fan theorizing when Thor shows off his wall of clues. His bit about the purple man and why doesn’t he like standing is the funniest bit.

And it’s always a treat to see Mark Ruffalo pop up as Bruce Banner. Since we know that Thor: Ragnarok will be something of a buddy picture featuring the Hulk, it’s a delight to see these two actors goof off together. They are going to make an excellent comedy duo.

We will have to wait until next November for Thor: Ragnarok, but this is a sweet helping of fan candy to make the wait less unbearable. Now we all have to start hoping that Darryl will show up in a future installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The God of Thunder can’t leave his roomie behind!

thor ragnarok civil war darryl
Or maybe he can.