Seven Reasons We Love Rogelio De La Vega from ‘Jane the Virgin’

Jamie Freedman

Jane the Virgin is full of drama, but no other character is more dramatic than Jane’s estranged father and telenovela star, Rogelio De La Vega. As a famous celebrity with thousands of twitter followers, it’s clear that special rules apply to him. It’s Rogelio’s world, we only live in it.

As we head into the second half of Season Two, let’s take a moment to enjoy our seven favorite moments that give us insight to the wonderful, albeit sometimes misguided, world of the one and only Rogelio Del La Vega.

His Likeness Makes for Great Interior Design

This fabulous pillow is spotted decorating Rogelio’s new “downgraded” apartment. Where can we get one?

Rogelio pillow Jane the Virgin
Chapter 30, when Rogelio moves to a smaller apartment to save money.

He Has a Feud with Britney Spears

Rogelio had a teleprompter mishap during the 2009 Latin Pop Music Awards. He blames the pop star for sabotage, leading to hurt feelings and an epic celebrity feud.

Chapter 27, when Britney Spears stays at the Marbella and Rogelio finally confronts her about the past.

He Can Fix Anything with Concealer

And he always has some on hand in case of emergency.

Rogelio Concealer
Chapter 10, when Rogelio comforts Xiomara with her Mother in the hospital.

He Can Really Work a Staircase

Rogelio makes a grand entrance to officially meet Jane, and halfway through awkwardly realizes the staircase is too long.

Chapter 5. Rogelio makes a grand staircase entrance to meet Jane.
Chapter 5, when Rogelio and Jane officially meet for the first time at the set of his tv show.

He’s a Photoshop Master

Rogelio feels badly that he doesn’t have baby photos of himself with Jane, so he photoshops her head onto a baby’s body and gives it to her to her to celebrate their blossoming relationship. Jane is left understandably speechless.

Rogelio Jane Father Daughter baby photo
Chapter 5, when Rogelio apologizes for his behavior on their first meeting.

He’s Definitely on the A List

In support of Jane pursuing her dream of being a writer, Rogelio looks ahead to their becoming a famous Father/Daughter pair in Hollywood.

“I made a vision board, but I didn’t think it would manifest so quickly. As father and daughter, we will conquer Hollywood together, much like Jon Voight and Angelina Jolie. Only we will not be estranged, and I will be the MUCH more famous one!”

His Own Voice Wakes Him Up In the Morning

Rogelio has a ringtone of his own voice reminding him “It’s a wonderful day to be Rogelio.”

Chapter 22, when Rogelio and Xiomara wake up from a hazy Las Vegas bender with the Rogelio De La Vega fan club.


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Rogelio green suit dance


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