Stephen Amell and Dave Green Talk TMNT

Brandon Rhea

This Friday, everyone’s favorite Ninja Turtles are back in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows! I sat down with the cast and the director to talk about their characters, their love of the Ninja Turtles franchise, and what their favorite fandoms are. So if you ever wanted to know what Stephen Amell (Casey Jones) would use as his real-life vigilante codename and how big of a fan director Dave Green is of the Ninja Turtles, check out the start of our coverage below!

Stephen Amell (Casey Jones)
[ooyala video=FnaGt1MzE628RCaIePBdYSJ-fIzMJs0b][/ooyala]

Dave Green (director)
[ooyala video=FpaGt1MzE6cEynr7x8hygWOl7BPzL3BG][/ooyala]

Check back later this week for my interviews with Will Arnett (Vern Fenwick), Tyler Perry (Baxter Stockman), Gary Anthony Williams (Bebop), and Stephen Farrelly (Rocksteady).

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